Studying Muscles

  1. Hi,

    Do anybody have tips on how to study muscles?

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  3. by   klone
    Quote from Fox

    Do anybody have tips on how to study muscles?

    Spend a lot of time doing it.
  4. by   Megsd
    Figure out what all the latin means. Many muscles have either the attachments and/or functions in the name, which can help you figure out the rest of them.

    If you've got a series of muscles in a row (like in the forearm, for example) figure out a way to remember what order they're in, so if you're asked to identify one of them, you can go through the order and see where it fits.

    Think about the action to help figure out the attachment sites (if it's going to abduct, it's got to pull on the bone THIS way, so it's got to attach here) or vice versa.

    Ask for easy ways to remember particular muscles ("So X muscle is the one with the really long, thin tendon, right?" "All the flexors are on this side of the arm, right?" and so on).

    And yes, study a lot. For me personally, it is easier for me to learn the muscles if I try to connect their action with where they're located in relation to other structures rather than making flashcards and memorizing the info for each muscle by itself. But if flashcards and memorization work for you, go for it. It just doesn't do me a darn bit of good.

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    Flash Anatomy has a great set of flashcards for studying--I think the website is

    However, I like the idea of not letting the hunky guy catch me better--lol!!!
  7. by   skislalom
    Study often...don't cram, Lots of short bursts work ALOT better than one or two long sessions. Each time it just clicks a little more than the time before.

    Study in a variety of ways - I used the text, atlas, lab book, coloring book, online quizzes, flash cards...pointing to the muscles on my body (or my kids bodies).

    I also had some little things that reminded me of the tensor fasciae latae (if I had a whole milk latte-it goes to my hip-outside of thigh actually)...TIRE as in spare - those muscles around the middle (mnemonics)
    also to think about origin and insertion or action helps. Sternocleidomastoid (sternum, clavical w/ mastoid insertion)..Gracilis..I remembered by remembering how graceful I'm NOT and it's the muscle that hurts when you do the splits (hey WHAT ever works!)

    Variety and lots of short bursts...that is what worked for me

    you can find lots of help on the internet too

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  9. by   Imafloat

    Do anybody have tips on how to study muscles?

    Here is how I did it. Get the easy ones down in you first study session. Then take smaller study sessions where you focus on one section at a time. I had to do the anterior and posterior forearm in seperate sessions, as well as the hand. It gets really technical. I would get one small section down and take a break. When I next sat down to study, I would review what I already knew and move on only if I knew it. I HATED anatomy. All that memorization. I did what I had to do and did great, but I didn't enjoy it. Good luck!
  10. by   Tony35NYC
    Have you tried the A&P coloring book and the ADAM CD-ROM that comes with the A&P lab manual? When I did A&P, the coloring book was recommended by my instructor, and I remember laughing and thinking how stupid it would be for me to actually sit down and color a book. But it DID help, especially when you study the muscles and bones in one part of the body at a time rather than trying to gulp it down all at once. Another thing I did was to make copies of the muscles and bones worksheet from the lab manual. (You know, the ones with lines pointing from the various muscles and bones to blank boxes for you to write the names.) and I practiced and practiced until I learned them. If you haven't got diagrams like these you can click on the link below for a basic from and back diagram of the major muscles.

    All you have to do is print, white out the names, make copies, and practice filling in the blank til you have them all down.

    Don't freak out about learning all 640+ muscles in the body. They're going to quiz you only on the major ones.
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