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Just wondering how the starting salaries compare for new grads around the countries....if you know what yours are, could you post them please? I am thinking of relocating and am wondering if I can... Read More

  1. by   Vsummer1
    Originally posted by xantha31669
    This thread is about new grad rates. The rates I posted are for NEW GRADS. The only hospital that pays more once you pass your boards in my area is St. Francis. You start at 22.00/hr days, after you pass NCLEX you get 50 more cents an hour.

    Hartford Hopital 21.00/hr days
    Ct Children's 21.00/hr days
    Baystate Medical 21.50/hr days
    Mercy 22.03/hr days

    Hartford and Ct Childrens differentials blow everyone else away M-Th it is 25%(26.25) starting at 7p. F-S-S it is 50%(31.50)
    That's cool, just checking! The rates here are different for new grads vs. new RN's and the difference is substantial I hear. As soon as I verify the information on exact pay, I will post it. I was just confused that the hospitals in other areas would pay ng's the same as RN's where here they do not. That is why I asked for clarification.
  2. by   Vsummer1
    New Grad pay is $20. after you pass NCLEX $26.50
  3. by   giggles66

    I do not know what the starting salaries are for new grads. I am still taking my prerequites for an RN program. I wanted to say a hello to my neighbors in the Southern & Central part of Connecticut. I am also from the Central part of the state. If you do not mind me asking what college are you attending? How do you like their RN program? I hope that I am not being nosey just curious.

  4. by   live4today
    The pay rate across the board for RNs should never be less than forty dollars an hour. Will we ever see this?
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    Originally posted by cheerfuldoer
    The pay rate across the board for RNs should never be less than forty dollars an hour. Will we ever see this?
    And as someone reminded me earlier, this post is not for RN pay.
  6. by   xantha31669

    I actually go to school in Mass. because they are not a lottery for admissions. Capitol Community in Hartford is a lottery, it does not matter what your grades are like. I was accepted at both STCC and HCC, but chose HCC because I liked the program better and I didn't want to go into the city for STCC. I know they are going to be starting a new program that is part-time at night for RN's. I think it's at Goodwin College in East Hartford. I can't help you about anything south of Hartford because I am in Enfield.

  7. by   TRISHnotyetRN

    I will be moving back to Enfield in two years. That is, once I finish nursing school and my husband retires from the military. On the military note, my husband is returning from Iraq on Monday!!! Knowing he will be back in the states and safe, I'll be able to concentrate on nursing school. Can't wait to get back up North. I don't like the South. Once a yankee always a yankee!!!

  8. by   NurseDixie
    The rate of pay for new grads in the hosp in my area (east WV) is $18.76/hr .
  9. by   xantha31669

    I got your PM but something was wrong with it and it didn't say anything. I am happy for you that your husband will be out of Iraq. What a weight off your mind. My father lives in Fla it is hot and I can't stand it. I like winter!

  10. by   kimmicoobug
    Here in my little corner in WA state, nurse techs get paid $12.50/h until the boards are passed (which for me will only be about 2 weeks). Then we get bumped to 19.50 or 20/h. Night shift diff is 2.50/h. Not as much as some of the areas mentioned, and I could make more if I moved. But, I am content with that much.
  11. by   Cooker93
    I just graduated in central Ill-There is a $0-$5,000 sign on bonus for new grads and starting pay is from $15.50-21.00. Cost of living is fairly cheap-not many good paying jobs, unless you are a nurse. The LPN's who graduated with their RN now, are making around $18.00 to start. About $.75-1.50 fo shift differentials.
  12. by   geminikell
    OKAY!, are you all ready for this?! I live in Kodiak Alaska, and the grads from the ADN program here start out at 27.00 an hour. Too bad I'll be leaving Alaska when I graduate. But, it wont be too bad hopefully we will be leaving for Hawaii this time next year
  13. by   busybeaver
    Here in S. Florida it ranges from 18.00 to 25.00 an hour. Plus I've found one hospital with a $6,000 sign on bonus and another with a $10,000 sign on bonus.

    I know this is new grad pay topic, but I thought I might share this info with you also. A friend of mine has been nursing for about 4 yrs and does some agency work. He got a call a couple weeks ago for........hold onto your hats ladies and gents...... $57.00 and hour!!!