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All you spring graduates... Graduation date? Do you have a job lined up? What department? When do you start? If you don't have a job yet, what department are you hoping for?... Read More

  1. by   Dublin37
    Okay, that is so dang cool, because I really want to be in pedes or ob. I'm all excited, but I haven't even gotten in yet! Heather
  2. by   nograd
    :hatparty: Congrats All!!!!

    I know I don't post here often, but thought I would share in the excitement...

    Final Exam May 12
    Grad/Pinning May 29/30
    Found Job L&D (FT nights)
    Start May 19 as a tech
    once I have the letter to practice as RNLP
    will transfer to RN orientation!!!!!

    Question, any one else getting nervous???
    I am shaking in my boots!:spin:

    Good luck to you all!
  3. by   TinyNurse
    here's my stuff....
    Preceptorship may 23-june 5
    I graduate June 9th
    start on a trauma icu on July 14th!!!

    Congrats to all!!! dang, we're just about done!!!

    xoxo Jen
  4. by   Dublin37
    How about everyone else??? I know there are more of you grads, give us the scoop! Heather
  5. by   Marlo2bRN
    Graduation May 14th 7pm

    Job Yes

    Area Med/Surg

    Hours 3 12 hr shift Nights, every 3rd weekend

    Start date probably August, decided to enjoy my summer

  6. by   Dublin37
    Cool Marlo, what do you mean "every 3rd weekend" do you have to work every 3rd weekend PLUS your 3 shifts?
    And CONGRATS!!!!
  7. by   Marlo2bRN
    HI Heather

    Everyone on the floor is required to work a weekend a month. That counts as our 3 12 hr shift. Good luck w/ Peds or OB.

  8. by   Bevi
  9. by   kimmicoobug
    Woo Hoo!!!

    I graduate May 8th,
    I got me a job in OB
    and I will be starting June 16th

    Can't wait!! I did my focused practicums there and it was great.