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  1. Anyone know anything about the nursing program at SIUE? Is this a good school? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   RNIAM
    I have no idea. Have you posted this on the general nursing bb? Maybe there is someone over there that has gone to that school?
  4. by   JennyRN2B
    Thanks Rhona,
    Will do.
  5. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    I have a friend who attended SIUE and she says that it is a great school.
  6. by   meownsmile
    Not sure if this is what you are looking for. I havent attended this program but this might help in your search for info,,
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  7. by   gonnabeanurse2
    Jen, I am from Illinois also. I didn't attend SIUE but know several people that have and they have nothing but praise for the school...dig in and see what you can find out and the best of luck to you.

  8. by   Gator,SN
    I PM'd you the email address of someone who went there.
    Best wishes to you!
  9. by   nurseleigh
    Everyone that I know that went to SIUE loved it, but none of them were in the nursing program. A lot of other programs, but not nursing. I am actually considering finishing off my education in a few years there. I have been to the campus with a friend of mine a long time ago and loved it.

  10. by   nursy-nurse
    I graduated from SIUE...after struggling with the games, majority of the faculty and loads of red tape. I am a fairly new nurse, but not new to life. I just didn't have a good experience. Is it normal to be crying 3 weeks before graduation, your hair is falling out, etc.? So, without being totally negative...have you thought about Illinois State? I wish the program would have been available when I went through school..unfortunately SIUE was the only affordable, state run school at the time...and I was after a BSN.
  11. by   louloubell1
    Hi there, JennyRN2B. I graduated this past May from SIUE & am hoping to return there in another year or two for the anesthesia program. There have been a lot of changes made to the curriculum for SIUE's nursing program in the past few years, and while I was going through the program, we were getting stuck in the middle of the transition, which was hard. It meant the addition of some classes and things were just getting shuffled around alot, so there was a lot of confusion while things were being organized. All in all, I feel that I received an excellent education and we had access to some of the best hospitals for our clinical rotations. I loved 95% of my instructors, and that was important too.

    Feel free to PM me if you'd like any other information about SIUE, and good luck to you wherever you choose to attend nursing school!

  12. by   Gator,SN
    RNlou, I think that she has been trying to PM you or email, but hasn't been able to.
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    Really? Hmm, wonder what's up with that. I've gotten other PMs recently. Oh well....I'll just PM you JennyRN2B.

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    Thanks guys,
    I will pm you.