South Cali Students speak up here!

  1. I was just wondering how many South Cali students there were out there. Im from south cali and I go to school at SAddleback College.
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  3. by   nurstudnt546
    Hi there,

    Southern Cali student here! I'm actually pretty new to the board here - new as in, haven't posted yet with a formal introduction and have been lurking around for months now.

    Anyhow, I attend an ADN program at Palomar Community College (live in San Diego about 40mins away) and will be beginning my 2nd semester Aug 25th. I'm 25yrs old (female), married and have a 2yr old son.

    I'm trying to enjoy my summer vacation while taking a statistics class (for my BSN) and working as a Nurse Aide.

    Hello to you and everyone else!!! =)
  4. by   Cali

    I live in Palmdale. It's about 45 minutes north of L.A. I'm an LVN at the present and I'm starting classes next month at Antelope Valley College for my ADN.
  5. by   SC RN
    I'm attending Ventura College in the Fall ... will graduate in May 2005 ... :kiss
  6. by   iliel
    I'm so sad! I was going to be a So Cal RN student, but I moved, oh well.
    SC RN I grew up in Ventura, VC is a good prog from what I understand, good luck to you!
  7. by   caligirl
    Im not a southern cali student but I am from Oceanside!!!

    My husband is military and we are in Montana... I sure miss So Cal!

  8. by   kats
    We live in Lemoore which is near Fresno. I guess that is more like central CA though instead of southern CA, huh? I am just glad that the weather is so good that I can swim laps most of the year. My husband is also military.
  9. by   nessa1982
    I go to school in Valencia (30 min north of LA, 30 min west of Palmdale). I live more in the middle of nowhere though (were talking the sticks)
  10. by   BellaTerra2002
    I'm starting my pre-reqs at either Saddleback or Golden West. I've been going to Golden West, but with all of the cutbacks in CC funding in CA, I'm going to go to the school that I can get a class in. I'm pretty far down on the 'seniority list.'
  11. by   Dublin37
    Hi I'm going to Cypress College, although this semester, I'll be taking a class at Goldenwest since Cypress is not teaching the LAST class I need to start the program! Hoping there won't be any problems getting in since my sign up date is pretty darn late. Heather
  12. by   NurseHolly79
    Hi..I'm a new grad. I graduated in May from a diploma program in IL but now live in Rancho Mirage, CA. It's HOT here but at least no humidity! :-)
  13. by   jules66
    Hi everyone,

    I am finishing my pre-req's (Micro), and will be applying EVERYWHERE! I know the waiting lists at a lot of the LA area schools are long, but I really hope I can start somewhere in the spring. I just turned 27, and want to get through this before I turn 30.

    Just curious - how long did some of you have to wait to get into school in So Cal?
  14. by   nurstudnt546
    Hi jules66. I waited about a year before starting my ADN program but that was the beginning of 2002 when I applied. Now, may be a different story. At my school the wait is about 1yr and a half and other programs may be equally long, if not longer. The neat thing about my school is I was able to get on the wait list while finishing pre-reqs. =)

    Well gook luck to you on getting into a program soon! Just remember that sometimes the wait isn't that long, especially when some of the students drop and you get bumped up in line!