some people just can't take a suggestion!

  1. I'm doing online classes. And I love this site because I have learned a lot about courtesy, and even when things are in all caps it seems as if you are yelling. I mentioned that and this person got very angry and asked if I had anything better to do than to critisize. I then told i was not doing that, and my appologies, then this person wrote back, oh i was not aware of the caps thing, i'm whispering to you now.
    I'm not writing back on that, i have better things to do, and I already appologized on how she felt. Just makes me angry that when someone tries to correct a mistake, they come back angry at you for telling you. If someone tells me a mistake, then I either tell then I didn't know, and will do better next time.... but this person is so rude. I'm so happy this class is online and I do not have to see them.
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  3. by   FLDoula
    Some people are just unaware of the fact that all capital letters are the internet equivalent of yelling at someone in person. (to me it's hard on my eyes) But then again, those are usually the ones who put no punctuation in their sentences, their grammar is horrible, and they have never opened a dictionary. Last semester my online Sociology teacher took off points for those items. Maybe yours does also. I figure it looks bad on them, not me, and I don't worry about it. I also bypass their post.
    I wouldn't have any further contact with this person and if they continue to harrass you talk to your professor.
  4. by   DolceVita
    I would avoid this person and if you can't simply be polite (even if they aren't). We have someone in our class who doesn't stop commenting on what people eat during breaks, what they wear, how they do their someone called in sick for clinicals and their comment was "there is always something wrong with her". Not very nice. She also can't stop going on about how her unit does such and such -- it is incredibly tedious.

    Now I am stuck with this person for another 18 months
  5. by   LovebugLPN
    I was always taught that it was rude to point out that other people were rude but maybe I am wrong. I guess I just let things like all caps go. Punctuation and spelling is in a league all of it's own.
  6. by   labrador4122
    Thanks for your comments. I agree with all of you. I didn't think I was being critical when pointing something out, because sometimes you just don't know. lol that's why I love this site, I can vent here!
  7. by   BellasMommyOBRN
    you both read into the same content differently. the written word is a fickle thing in that it can be easily misinterpreted.

    basically, it was a communication error. don't let it bother you

    good luck with your classes