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My pharm teacher knows that someone was cheating last week in class (if you can believe this, the old "cough once for "A", twice for "B" thing...brilliant, huh?) anyway it turns out that... Read More

  1. by   hock1
    I don't believe in group punishment. It's totally not fair to those who study hard. A couple of students in my peds rotation stole a master copy of the final worth 50% of our grade! Luckly for the rest of the honest students our instructor kept tabs on paperwork. She simply changed her test. Needless to say those particular students bombed and the ones who studied the course content passed!
  2. by   mitchsmom
    yep, went to class today and it's true - she is making EVERYONE use that test as one of our 2 drop grades. She had two other professors in there and ONE by ONE called our names and made us take all of our stuff down to the front in a big display. Anyone who had an overshirt, sweater, sweatshirt, etc. had to remove it (it is always freezing in there), and if it even looked like you could have an undershirt she asked if you had anything else on under the shirt. All this took at least 20 minutes (there are like 60 of us in there)... then after some more talking, the profs went out for 10 minutes for us to try and work things out amongst ourselves... I guess to pressure the people to confess or something... people were pissed and yelling and cursing but it didn't go anywhere and no one confessed (no particular person was even addressed, I honestly don't know anyone who thinks they know who it is, I sit way down front & the people were somewhere back behind me). Then we took paper and pencil tests that I assume were all different (which is fine w/ me). Then after wasting an hour we started lecture like normal. A couple of people went to the director of the department but she said you have to go to your advisor (chain of command) first, so that's what I did after class. But my advisor didn't act too affected. I'm going to make sure the director gets the message from my advisor or I will go on to her as the next step. I'm not going to give up until there is no one left to talk to and there are others who feel the same way. I don't know if it will go anywhere because I'm sure they are going to want to back the instructor (which I understand, but there's an option to figure out a constructive, effective solution that is fair). As it is, it really only hurts the honest people who got good grades & how is that helping to avoid cheating? It made my current grade go from a B to a C. I usually get A's as it is, I'm super anal about my grades so needless to say I'm not thrilled. If they are going to do this, they may as well give me a zero for a test because someone in Economics cheated... has nothing to do with me. Oh yeah, she also asked us to sign the cheating policy things again (which we already did at orientation anyway). I actually didn't do it because I already did it once and it's meaningless anyway. The cheaters obviously signed it. Oh well, thanks for letting me vent. :angryfire
  3. by   RedSox33RN
    That is just so wrong, in so many ways.

    And for your grade to drop a whole letter grade because of it.....that is just unbelievable. I'd be so peeved. I hope you take it as far as you can. It is just unreal that they think that is the way to deal with it. I can't believe they don't already have a policy in place that they can follow. It sounds like they're making this up as they go along.
  4. by   joyflnoyz

    Please don't use the word "fair" when you speak to administration.
    First of all, life is not "fair", and 2nd, it sounds like you are a whiner..instant turn off!

    Alternate terminology I would use is "right" and "wrong"

    "Someone cheated <did wrong> and it is not right that I be punished"

    type thing
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    The word "ethical" works too.
  6. by   jemommyRN
    That's wrong for the professor to pull a stunt like this. Unless they catch the cheaters (they know that no one is going to come forward) then they should take it as a loss. I would be on fire if I studied hard for a test/quiz, did well, and it was thrown out!!