So what do you recommend?

  1. So what do you recommend?

    So therefore what do you all recommend? That a person get their LPN first and then their RN or just go ahead and go for the gusto? Do you believe that LPN's make better students when they are in the RN program? I am really curious to know what you all think?

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  3. by   nursenat1
    From my observation of the LPN's in my nursing class,
    I think LPN's do make better nursing students because of the experience they have previously gained. Most of the students in my nursing class have not been working in the hospital very long if at all and it just makes sense that once your in the hospital for a while (like most LPN's before attending nursing school) you "learn the ropes" so to speak. We all (all nursing students including LPN's) have a lot to learn but I look at it as the LPN's have a slight head start!!
  4. by   KC CHICK
    Well, do you want to take 2 state board exams..... or just 1???
  5. by   shunda
    Well one of course, are the state boards basically the same? There are so many decisions to make. I thank each and everyone of you for your input on the situation.

  6. by   ADN 2002
    I don't really think it matters if you go into an RN program as an LVN or not. I'm not an LVN, I didn't have any clinical experience before entering nursing school, and I've got one of the highest GPA's in my class. But that's strictly grades. As far as clinicals go, the LVN's may have more hands on experience, but I think that those who don't have experience can quickly catch up.

    Just my opinion.
  7. by   GPatty
    I chose to get my LPN first. I was in a Bachelors program, and discovered that I just couldn't handle all that was expected of me while I was supposed to be going to school too!

    AND, I got disgusted with thinking I would have to wait 4 years to do anything medical with my life!

    I think really it all depends on the person. I intend upon going back to get my RN as soon as I graduate LPN, but I feel doing it this way was just the right choice for me.

    As far as being a "better" nurse if you are a LPN first? No, I don't think so. Maybe it would make you feel better to be a LPN first, (it will me), but if you are comfortable doing nursing as a RN coming straight out of school, then by all means, go for it!

  8. by   shunda
    This is the way I feel also. I am taking my pre-requisites now and I will not graduate from nursing school until 2004 that is a long time. If I go into the LPN program I will graduate in January 2003. I know that I want my RN license but I guess that I am just inpatient. Oh well, I will have to make a decision before Thanksgiving. Because the Monday after that is pre-registration.
    Thanks for all the input everyone

  9. by   KC CHICK
    What's w/the having to wait for 4 years thing as the only other option?? I only went for 2 years to be an RN at a Community College for an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Nursing.
  10. by   shunda
    Here at the school I am going to in Alabama, what they recommend is that you get your academics out of the way first and that takes 1 year. Then once you get into the ADN program then this takes 5 semesters. I am in my first semester of doing my academics. I will not start my nursing classes until August 2002 Fall semester. Now, Do you understand where I am coming from?


    P.S. If you go into the mobility program here you have to have all of your pre-requisites out of the way vs if you are going straight into the ADN program you have to have Bio 201, Psy 200 and Math 100 before you can enroll or start the application process.
  11. by   KC CHICK
    The only prereq's I had to have before I started were Chemistry and Psychology.
    My school also advised 'against' taking co-requisite courses while taking the core nursing classes. Me, being the independent individual that I am, decided not to listen to them (of course) and took co-requisite courses along w/my nursing classes. For example, I took 18 credit hrs the 1st semester of the program which included A&P (5 cr), Human Lifespan Development(4 cr), Fundementals of Nursing(6 cr), and Nursing Concepts (3 cr).

    They usually discourage that I think, but it can be done......program took 2 years. (2 Fall semesters, 2 Spring semesters, and 1 Summer semester)
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  12. by   prmenrs
    is going to make a HUGE difference in your salary, employment opportunities, and, ultimately, options in your life.

    IMHO---go all the way, Shunda!!!