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Spring break started from me on Friday (yea!) but I am determined to squeeze in a few hours of stuyding every day..........and catch up on sleep, tv and shopping........I feel like this is a chance... Read More

  1. by   Paleobug
    I will be studying for my mental health nursing final on Thursday. After that some of us will be meeting in the library to do the computer assignments for med/surg that will be starting after spring break, in two weeks. Mental health seemed to be so easy and I heard that med/surg is hard. Oh well, the honeymoon is over.
  2. by   cingulargirl21
    I managed to finish a paper so far..........whew! I also read 12 pages of med surg this morning before I started falling asleep lol! So I'm taking a little break......I get sick of studying but I like feeling like I have done something, I hate the feeling of having tons of reading and HW to do!
  3. by   cassilee30
    Quote from cingulargirl21
    anyone else stuyding too?
    I'm working on my Case study and also doing a take home test for OB class. She never gives take home tests, but she had a scheduling conflict for next week when we were suppose to have our test and we have our midterm a in three weeks, so she said she'd cover this stuff more heavily on the midterm than originally planned and gave us this take home.

    Actually, though, I've been highly unproductive this weekend because my daughter is wanting a lot of my attention and when your "sometimes troubled" teenage daughter wants to spend time with you, I feel like it's a high priority. Sometimes juggling between children and school is tough.

    My spring break isn't until the last week in March.

  4. by   LauraF, RN
    Quote from LarryG
    You bet your sweet bippy I'm studying this weekend!

    Final exam on Monday.

    I haven't heard that phrase since I moved out of my parents house. A bippy, I always wanted to ask my Dad what exactly was a bippy and how does he know it is sweet. Good luck on your final
  5. by   mitchsmom
    This is my last day of spring break and I haven't done half of what I wanted to get done.. as usual.

    All three of my kids were sick most of the week... one day all three had 103 fevers... all well now thankfully and I'm just hoping I don't get it now (just in time for clinical).

    I did just finish getting one thing accomplished... I needed a bunch of LCERPS (like continuing education credits) to be able to sit for the board exam for lactation consultant this July... I just finished a bunch of those... just a couple more units and I'll be done!
  6. by   mariedoreen
    Have my comprehensive final on Monday so I should be studying night and day to try and ace the term, but the instructor writing this test is notorious for shooting way above our heads (I tend to get my lowest scores on her exams) and I only need a 32% on it to make a B for the term, so I haven't had the highest motivation to beat it all into my head... Plus, I'm already in vacation mode... Just wishing spring break was longer than two weeks!
  7. by   UTRN2005
    Hell, no! I'm on Spring Break and that means NO SCHOOL WORK ALLOWED. I get back into the grind on the 21st with Maternity.
  8. by   imhotep6
    I have a test tomorrow and a big comm. assessment paper due friday.
    I did study some this weekend, but I just haven't been able to get into
    a study/homework mood this weekend. All day I have bben saying I
    will start on the paper and I keep putting it off. The weather is beautiful and I kept finding myself going out to the garden.
    I can't keep putting off this paper. Does anyone else have this problem.
  9. by   cingulargirl21
    I'm so Med Surg chapter is 50 pages long, I have 12 more pages to read though but its real tough to read this stuff since its spring break.............I am having fun and relaxing but I'm trying to get alot of reading done so I wont feel so stressed when school starts back up on the 21st.............I would rather be a little miserable reading now than really miserable reading when school starts and being lost during the lectures and not to mention doing the 3,000 or more assignments I am sure my teachers will dump on me as soon as I get back! I will finish reading this chapter today and at least half of another! Shooting for the moon!
  10. by   LauraF, RN
    I am liking this new semester. I have Monday and Thursday's off. Spring break is next week, but I am able to get 3 days off to clean house and get some reading done, before lectures and clinicals. I did get dumped on as well. We have 3 care plans, a nutrition assessment, physical assessment, journal critique and the list goes on. We also have 2 community service teachings. And they are Junior high grade. :uhoh21:
  11. by   Fern22
    I did study this weekend...........I am trying to get some reading done. Yesterday I read a chapter, today I will try to squeeze in at least 2.........