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I see chats for all of you under 25 and those of you over 35. now those stuck in the middle have a room to..:chuckle... Read More

  1. by   Lisa1970
    Everyone ready for school to start?
  2. by   TouTou
    Hi Everyone,
    I hope it's ok to join you guys. I'm in the same boat, I'm 27 years old and have two kids ( 6 mo and 4 yr). I have to admit I am terrified about starting nursing school. If anyone has any advise or suggestions please feel free to give them to me, I'll take all the support anyone wants to offer. And I'm here for anyone that needs a shoulder or an ear. I'm glad I found this thread.
    Best of luck to everyone
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  3. by   Lisa1970
    Welcome Tou Tou!! Are you starting the nursing classes or the pre req's? I am doing the req's now.
  4. by   schrandt
    Sorry to but in--I am 11 years past the age group. I admire you all, have been there, done that, have the t-shirt. I decided to go back to college for my RN at age 24, was one of 3 of the oldest in my class. I graduated in 84, and have been @ the same place ever since. Beginning in 90, I started taking classes towards my BSN, finished all but stats in 96. Finally got the nerve to finish--am a math dunce! So I can say I now have my BSN!!!!Whoopeee!!! My goal is to finish my masters--have taken 5 classes towards it, & am registered for 2 online courses beginning 8/26. This leaves me with only 20 to go. My point? I started college with 2 little ones. I learned to study amidst the noise & chaos of a 1 & 3 year old. And a very childish husband. Money was very tight, we had lots of arguments about it (and my studying). My last 2 kids were born after I graduated. We divorced in 88, and I was very fortunate to meet my current hubby in 89. No matter where my career has taken me, he supports me every step of the way. I am well aware of all the pitfalls and difficulties all of you face. Speaking for myself, if it is something we want badly enough, it is worth working hard for. Good luck.
  5. by   hcnursesoon
    I am 21, but i feel 30. Can I consider myself part of this group too? Married, and the mother of two, I don't feel part of the traditional nursing student crowd. In my own hang out with the 25 & up students, the younger ones don't seem to understand how easy they have it. No husband to cook for, No babies to breastfeed, and no worries about paying your own tuition and paying your own bills as well. I know there are exceptions, (I am Living Proof) but for the most part I believe i nailed it.
  6. by   Lisa1970
    I for one welcome you. There are exceptions to every rule
  7. by   Lisa1970
    Anyone start classes yet?
  8. by   jagfan33
    Lisa, Hi my name is Malissa and I am a 35 (almost 36) year old mother of 3 children and I am in LPN school with a class full of younger women. Sometimes I feel like an outsider. I have found that when the teacher lectures it is good to highlight in my books and then while she is lecturing I tape it. When I go home I rewrite what I have highlighted in my books and then I listen to the lecture over and over and most of the time it will stick with you. My kids love it that I have to do homework also. I think that being an older person and going back to school is a big challenge but in the long run it will be well worth the time and effort. I really enjoy this messege board because it will really lift your spirits. Good luck with the studying and if you ever need to vent just send me an IM.
  9. by   Hidi74
    Hi everyone! I'm Heather. I am 28..... no kiddos, or hubby yet. Although wish I had either. Yes I said it. I would love to have an annoying husband over no husband. I am completeing my pre reqs for Rn. I am very excited. I work full time and go to school full time.I don't get any finantial aid or loans so I am paying it all out of pocket......It sucks! But I know it will be so very worth it one day!!!!!!
  10. by   AnaH
    Hi, my name is Ana. I'm 31, married w/ two kids. A boy 9 and a girl 3 1/2.I have been a stay home mom since my son was born. My hubby graduated this past May and I decided to go back to school this Fall. I'll start on the 26 of Aug w/ my pre-reqs.

  11. by   Lisa1970
    Welcome everyone. My classes start Tuesday. I am sp nervous. I feel so old. lol I hope that there are some fellow "oldies" in the class. (taking Biology, & Ap, psy, & written comm 2)
  12. by   Jennabugs
    Hi Everyone!
    I just noticed this thread..I am a 26 yo BSN student ..finished pre-reqs and just starting my nursing classes this semester. This is my second career, I have a BA in Psychology. My school (Simmons College in Boston) has a program for "adult" students, which is 23 and older so I feel comfortable knowing that I am not alone! I think going to school a bit older is better, because I know I have it right this time! Good luck to all this semester, you can do it!
  13. by   Lisa1970
    Is everyone back in school now?