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Anybody skip class & not feel bad about it. I do my homework, study like a demon, and even read extra stuff,... but my lecture attendance record hovers at 25%. I am better about lab & usually make... Read More

  1. by   graysonret
    Went I went to nursing school, I went on a full scholarship. Still, I was there to learn about nursing. Skipping classes wasn't an option if I wanted to get ahead. My study partner didn't skip either, which is why both of us graduated at the head of our class and everyone wanted to study with us. Can I ask a question? If you don't have the discipline now to do what is needed, how are you going to handle a busy floor? Skip? Or is there going to be a massive change when that license hits your hand? Nursing school isn't high school or college. You need all the knowledge and discipline you can get "under your belt" out there in the real world or find yourself forever trying to catch up. Plus, learning doesn't end with school. There is always something new coming along, and in-services, seminars and such to attend. Good luck....
  2. by   Rapheal
    Never skipped class. The nursing instructors would hold it against you. The benefit was when applying for nursing positions I was able to say "I had perfect attendance in school so as you can see you will be able to count on me to be at work when scheduled". Got offered every job I applied for (but picked the wrong one lol).
  3. by   Nurse_RaRa
    I'm with the geeks - never skip. IMHO - I know it's sometimes boring but you just never know when the prof may spring something - if you need rest - (contemplate less partying) bring a long tape recorder in your bag....and as for copiers - NO WAY! You want a cheater RN working with you? A slacker? no thanks. I try to stay away from that kind (unless I know it was a mom with two kids who was out sick...)- IMHO

    I agree wholeheartedly with the above entry of PERFECT ATTENDANCE - sounds good, eh? and yes - think REALITY CHECK - boss will want you to know your stuff and never skip out - may as well start practicing for those "Boring Days" working...haha

    PS - If a class is REALLY boring - I'll jazz it up by asking questions or asking for personal experiences with "that". - front row sitter
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  4. by   rnnurse2be
    Geek city here too. The only time I miss is when my kiddo's are to sick, then I call the prof and let them know!

    I figure I paid WAY to much for this class.... my butt is there.
    We also had a prof that would all of a sudden give extra "free" points when you would show (eg: if only a few showed up that day). All those points add up.

    In my classes, most have some sort of attendance rule, like if you miss 2-3 days you drop a letter grade, ect...
    If you miss to much they drop you, or give an inc. on your transcript.

    In nursing clinicals, NONE are allowed to be missed for any reason...
  5. by   daughterjudy213

    I may only be a sophmore but i have never skipped any of my classes. I think that going to class is way more important than throwing your future away.:zzzzz I really want to be a nurse in the future so I need to learn all that I can.If anbody wants to skip class it's fine by me... but i'm not going. I guess you could call me a geek too.

    ----- daughterjudy213