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Hi, What a great web site!!! So glad I found it. I start nursing school in the fall. Has anyone purchased used nursing school books on line? Looks tempting, but I'm skeptical. Let me know your... Read More

  1. by   smattles1of2
    I buy all my nursing books from amazon and I also buy earlier editions. I bought all my books for about $3 each and they are the exact same as the newer editions except for maybe 2 or 3 words. I laugh when I see students paying $110 for a book that I paid $3 for.
  2. by   squee-gee
    Huge fan of here. I've bought books for way less then the school bookstore (who sell crappy, highlighted used books for practically full price). While everyone is waiting for new books to come in because the school bookstore has run out (as they inevitably do), I've been getting mine quickly on-line, and paying way less. I've also been buying books like the Nursing Made Incredibly Easy series to help with difficult concepts - those books new are like $40 a pop - I've been buying them for around $15 or so. I just bought the Saunders Q & A Nclex review book (2005 ed) for $20 bucks- it's in perfect condition, with an unopened CD, and I received it in less than a week! (it retails for $38). I've also used half to sell used pre-req books - I think I actually made a profit on one of them. (The only problem with selling is you really only make sales in the spring or in the fall.) I can't imagine buying any other way.
  3. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from kukukajoo
    I have bought many used books online and saved TONS of money! I have used and marketplace. I

    There was a time when I was worried I may be getting addicted to Amazon marketplace as I was buying so many books and saving so much money I just could not stop buying! I have a GREAT collection of nursing books worth thousands and paid a fraction of their cost for them!
    You, too?? I thought I was the only one! I graduated and took the boards since last year, but I still order used books that look interesting. Also, I noticed that I would find some brand new books that would be just one edition behind and in crisp, clean condition!
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from smattles1of2
    I buy all my nursing books from amazon and I also buy earlier editions. I bought all my books for about $3 each and they are the exact same as the newer editions except for maybe 2 or 3 words. I laugh when I see students paying $110 for a book that I paid $3 for.
    Once, I got a microbiology textbook for 0.33 cents. That had people PISSED!
  5. by   tricialynn78
    It saved me tons! I am in my second level of LVN school and so far have spent over 600 dollars on USED books, study guides, and manuals. If I had bought them at the schools bookstore it would have cost over 1000. Most of them were purchased on EBAY, AMAZON, and I never had any problems. I was able to get books on ebay for like 1/10 the list price GREAT since there are so many I needed to buy. Good luck to you
  6. by   Sillynicunurse
    I too buy all of my books for school online. I have not had a problem yet. I tend to only buy from those that have 100% approval rating or I will look at the seller's feedback to see what people are saying....sometimes they are given unfair ratings by people that just don't read the description of the product. has become my favorite site to use and have never found another site that can beat their price.
  7. by   Linz8
    when i had a&p, the bundle from the school that they laughingly labeled "economy pack" was $402. when i found out at the first class that the instructor didn't mind if we used older editions, because only the page numbers changed, i returned my books (unopened) to the desk after class.

    i came home, pulled up and paid $37 for all of my books (textbook, lab manuals, lab atlas and flashcards) four other people did the same thing when i told them what i had found.

    publishers make a mint off of universities then whatever the school tacks on when they bundle these things are just the gravy. trust sellers with a lot of good feedback. there's one seller on (betterworldbooks) that has had every single book i've needed and never a problem with shipping.

    my husband thinks i should buy brand new books for nursing school, he's craaaaaaaaaaaazy. i'll be buying used and if they're in good shape i'll be getting them unbinded.
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  8. by   PennyNickelDime_RN
    Definately! They save you alot of money, just a word of caution, some schools update the books to new editions each and every year. Make sure you have the edition that your class is using.
  9. by   celery
    If I had to do it all over again, I would buy all used books. The differences are minor. The savings are great.
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  10. by   PennyNickelDime_RN
    Sorry for my typo...your humiliation tactic "definitely" worked.
  11. by   AdobeRN
    I have always purchased used books thru ebay, Amazon or and have never been disappointed. Why pay $1000+ on books for nursing school when you can get them for less than half used? Honestly, I hardly used my nursing textbooks - I mainly studied using the NCLEX exam review book by Saunders - for me the information was straight to the point.

    I also have never had any problems selling my books thru any of these web sites. Right now, I have all of my textbooks listed on Amazon and have sold about of a third of them and have made close to $300.
  12. by   justme1972
    I personally, don't buy used books online. I buy new b/c they are the same price as the used in my local bookstore. I did this once and returned it when the book I got was heavily highlighted and in poor condition. I had to return a very heavy book at my expense and had to wait 30 days for a refund.

    You also get the discs, and other supplemental materials in the package. It is worth taking a trip to the bookstore to view the books you are supposed to buy before you buy then online and call the customer service agency and review with them what you are supoosed to get. Sometimes, even when you buy new, the supplemental materials are not included in the price, if it's not, then I have no choice but to buy from the bookstore. You never know if your instructor is going to use the materials or not.
  13. by   ann945n
    amazon is wonderful for used texts. Sellers post the condition of the book online and I have always got what i was told it would be. Just stay away from pen writing and highlighting and you should be fine. It helps out a lot to buy used, we are talking 100's of dollars, ill take a beat up book thank you