Senior practicum/preceptorship

  1. Does your school have one? Ours is 90 hours, with an RN.

    Where are you going? What type of unit?

    I'm having a rough time picking an area. Our choices are pretty substandard now that Greater Southeast is bankrupt.
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    We had to do 112 hours with an RN.

    I did mine on the unit I currently work on. (that's a benefit of the experience - it gets your foot in the door and gives you a leg up on the competitionat interview time) So try to do it somewhere you could really see yourself working.

    Have fun, and good luck! I'm excited because I may be getting my first student to precept here in January!

  4. by   fergus51
    Ours was 12 12 hour shifts. Can't do the math at this hour. It was how most of us got into jobs so pick an area you're interested in working in.
  5. by   vashka25
    Wow, ours is 650 hours.... between 2 units.....with 2 different RN's......
    Mine are going to be PACU...and a combo of L&D/NICU/Peds
  6. by   peaceful2100
    WOW VASHKA!!!650 hours just for a senior practicum/preceptorship. I saw that and my first thought was WOW, then I realized you are in Canada and that must have something to do with it.

    AT my school for our senior capstone which is what you call practicum/preceptorship we do 180 hours in the area of our choice. (well, they try to get us our first choice but everyone in the past has always got at least second choice).
  7. by   delirium
    That's the problem... none of the choices are really good. I can't honestly see myself working any of them.

    Our biggest hospital was Greater SE. Now we have suburban/rural hospitals to choose from, and only a limited number of areas... I guess I'm just whining.
  8. by   Yankee in Texas
    Our program requires 142 hours with our preceptor, which I have just completed and I LOVED IT !! It was the best decision I ever made. This was the first time I have gone to clinicals and the nurses were happy to see me. I must give kudos to Charlton Methodist Hospital here in Dallas TX!!! :kiss

    I had the best learning experience there !!! All the nurses were helpful and were willing to teach. You are able to work as a nurse, you must think fast on your feet, use patho knowledge from the classroom vs prep the night before and you are always under the same nurse. If your school offers this type of clinical setting...jump on it fast.
  9. by   kimmicoobug
    My preceptorship starts in spring quarter, and I am still a little foggy as to how it works. We do away with typical clinicals that quarter and we have to find a preceptor (on our own, yikes!) in our preferred possibly assigned area. We do it on our own time, at our and preceptor's convenience, and still attend regularly scheduled classes. I see this as a bad thing and a good thing since daycare and hubby's work schedule is a huge issue. I am hoping to get into OB at the bigger hospital in town. I am trying to network already so I can get a job there when I graduate..
  10. by   ntigrad
    My LPN preceptorship requires only 88 hours with an RN or LPN. I have two more evenings and I'll be done! Graduating on the 12th of December! I feel more like an employee than a student. Everyone there wants me to come work with them and my preceptors have been great! Good luck!