Semester is almost over!!!

  1. So, what is everyone taking this summer? I am just taking clinical math & human development. Then, all of my pre-reqs will be completed. I can't wait until summer is over so that I can start taking nursing classes. We have orientation next month, I am so excited about that!
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  3. by   Bonnie Blue
    One project, one final and 2 weeks of clinical. April 26 can't get here fast enuff!
  4. by   StudentSandra
    may 7th is my nursing 1202 final and i am not taking any classes this summer. i'll graduate next may and then it's back to work, so this is just gonna be my chill out summer.

    i know how excited you are lisa, i felt the same way last year. not that i'm not still excited about nursing, just looking forward to the break. took micro & intro to pharm last summer glad thats over.....
  5. by   CountrifiedRN
    My final is May 2 :roll :chuckle :roll :chuckle

    I can't wait until this semester is over! It's been very stressful.

    Unfortunately I will only have a week off, then our school continues for the summer semester. I think we have classes until the end of July, then we will have three weeks off before fall semester.

    But I'll take what ever type of break I can get! At least we won't have homework!
  6. by   huggietoes
    This will be my first summer off in two years as, blissfully, I am graduating in May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait, seriously last semester I thought I was going to be weepy and want it to drag out, but now I am chomping at the bit and counting hours until my final!
  7. by   Marianne518
    I have a full class load this summer...yikes!

    Intermediate algebra
    Human Growth and Development
    Intro to Cinema (my easy elective!!!)
  8. by   NurseDixie
    I'm trying to get into a Microbiology class this summer. It's a 5 week class, so it won't interfere with all my summer break. The classes are in the evenings. That will be nice for a change.
  9. by   Unequaledbeauty

    I have 1 oral presentation, 3 finals, and 5 papers

    Nonetheless, I will be completing the semester at the University of South Florida on April 26th. On May 7th I will be relocating to Florida Atlantic University where I will begin my nursing courses for the summer session. Unfortunately I will be leaving USF before I am able to graduate with my BA in Gerontology

    I am only 6 credits away from receiving my BA... but I am grateful to be starting my nursing program

    This summer I will be taking Modes of Helping w/ lab, Nursing as a Discipline and Profession, Nursing Skills Lab I, and Nursing Skills Lab II.

    Wish me luck...
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  10. by   essarge
    Another busy summer here. In summer session I I've got Spanish I, Health and Wellness (a required "gym" course no matter how old you are), and statistics. In Summer II it's spanish II and World Lit II. That leaves only one more required course other than my nursing courses (which I will pick up over winterim). I'm hoping that I don't have to take any classes next summer so I can work more hours in the ER to better prepare me for graduation/work in '04. I've already got a contract with the hospital (got an externship) so when I graduate, I'll slide from ER tech into nursing....can't wait!!!!
  11. by   hanginginthere

    I'm somewhat excited because I'll be done with A&P I soon. However, I'll start summer school right after that for: humanities and A&P II. Even though I won't have too much of a summer vacation, I'll have 2 to 3 weeks vacation before I start the nursing program. I'll will really get excited then :roll. Good luck to everyone on your final.
  12. by   fnimat1
    I'm not taking any classes this summer. At my college, in a matter of 2 hrs. the classes that everyone wanted to take were filled. And those classes were A & P 2 and Microbiology. My A & P 1 professor told us that we shouldn't take these courses in the's too condensed and too much information to learn in a matter of 6 weeks as compared to 4 mths. in a semester. Which makes pretty good sense. I have 2 finals this week in Chem 101 and A &P 1, then after that I'm going to start studying for the Nursing Entrance Exam. After that I'm going to study my A & P book and try to cover everything we did during the semester.

  13. by   Hooligan
    I'm taking medical terminology! I wanted to take A&P I but I've got a conference in Oakland, CA that I have to run for work and then a cruise in the Carribean. Both events are in June and I'm afraid of missing so much of A&P! Med. Term only meets once a week so I'll only be missing 2 classes as opposed to the 4 days I'd miss in A&P. Plus, I can memorize while on the plane but reading and studying is a much different story!

  14. by   Ortho_RN
    No Summer classes for me..... I am about to finish my first semester.. I have my final on Monday..... I took all the extra classes before I started the nursing program, so I could just concentrate on the Nursing.. and boy am I glad I did

    I am in the process of talking with two of the hospitals here about working as a CNA for the summer.... Once we finish our first semesters we are qualified to work as a CNA without taking the course... So this way I can get comfortable with the nasty parts.. hehe

    Everyone have a GREAT Summer....