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So what does everyone wear for clinicals? We have to wear all white uniforms which are ugly and uncomfortable. The fabric is pretty stiff. Our school's colors are maroon and white, so why not wear... Read More

  1. by   kmarie724
    I haven't actually seen our clinical uniforms yet, as I don't start nursing classes until the end of this month, and no clinicals until May, but they told us that it's white scrub pants, which we can buy wherever we want, and a royal blue top with the school logo, which we have to order through a certain uniform store, and white shoes, which we can buy wherever we want, and can be tennis shoes. So, it doesn't sound too bad, as long as I can find white pants that aren't see through!
  2. by   BWSPN
    Ok try this......our uniforms are blue and white pinstriped very small so unless your close they just look lt. blue. Our tops have a wierd collar and the tops zip up in the back and have buttons so we can attach our bib for clinicals and the bib is white. So when your not wearing your bib you have these silly buttons on your shirt that look totally pointless. Lt. blue lab coat that we wear unless we are bedside or in lab. White shoes. White hose. And we get inspected. Hair must be contained and shoes must be polished. My school is strict and looking professional is a must. We wear our uniforms everyday......classroom, lab, clinical. We have discussed a bonfire upon graduation!
  3. by   arciedee
    I was actually pretty impressed with ours. White or navy polo, navy pants, and an optional white lab coat. The polo and coat have "[School Initials] Nursing Student" embroidered on the front. Women had three choices for pants styles: elastic-waist pants, drawstring pants, or flare-leg cargo pants. Guess which one was the most popular? I guess they used to only do the white shirts, but students complained that they were too see-through, so they added the navy option. I got one of each, I figure I'll just get some undershirts to go under the white one. We have to wear white clogs or sneakers and white or navy socks. All-in-all not too bad.
  4. by   balkandina
    I hate to sound so old school, but you are all lucky! Back in "the day" when I was in school we had to wear a white polyester knit uniform with maroon trim on the short sleeves and our school emblem on the sleeves.. The dress showed every bulge and we had to wear white pantyhose and real nurse shoes-no clogs or sneakers. The pants option was hideous-it was the same as the dress but had hideous flare legs(not cool in 1980). We weren't allowed to wear a lab coat, which we coveted because it would cover up all of the maroon trim! I would have rather worn a traditional Cherry Ames outfit than that!! And of course, we still got caps at graduation.
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  5. by   sbyramRN
    I haven't seen mine yet, but they said they are white bottoms with a bright orange scrub top that has Navy blue piping on it. I think our school might be on the sleeve. All white shoes, too.
  6. by   Scrubz
    I like the bonfire idea after graduation.... Because there is no way I'll want to keep it. Unless my parents want it for something, because they're sentimental like that..
  7. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    well reading the above posts makes me happy that we wear what we wear. We have marron scrubs that are comfy and a white jacket that is also quite comfy. Both tops have our school patch on one of the sleves. It is like wearing pajamas to clinical.

  8. by   allysh223
    We have to wear navy blue bottoms and a white top, and white nursing shoes or sneakers- any brands we want.

    I'm glad they don't have us in all white, but I hate that the top and bottom don't match. It seems so idiotic to me to not see how much more professional one solid color looks- any color, on anyone.

    I wish we wore all navy blue.
  9. by   ms. ky.
    We wear the Dove scrubs too, they are so stiff, we'll be wearing them forever. Sailor Blue with white shoes and white lab coat. We def look like the Smurfs
  10. by   AndiG99
    Look on the bright side, at least you know what you'll be wearing lol. At Gateway it's a heavily guarded secret it seems. They told us any color or print scrubs were fine for classes and all white scrubs for clinicals... As soon as we went out and bought them we were told that they never said we could wear scrubs to class. GRR! Hopefully once the next batch of us get seated in the program formally someone will come forward and enlighten us.
  11. by   fleur-de-lis
    I feel grateful for our all purple scrubs, any style, with the school patch on the shoulder. Some clinical sites require the lab coat on top, which is a pain, especially with the Texas heat! Most instructors are pretty laid back about shoes - they just have to be mostly white and walking/running shoes are fine. There was one instructor that was strict about it being all white and even had a problem with the tiny blue heart that are on NurseMates brand shoes! Had lots of people buying new shoes just for her clinical! :angryfire
  12. by   rentalnurse
    LOL ours was hideous left over from somewhere,, the female students had to wear all white with a smock that looked like a saddle bag with sm blue and white stripes and belted on the sides,, us guys had to wear white pants and this horrible shirt that was blue and white pinstripes with a belted back and wide flaring collar,, we couldnt burn ours because the were fireretardent.. and of course white shoes for both, i got away with all white tennis shoes.