School trouble!

  1. I really need advice on how to make it in college. I'am a pre-nursing student still doing all my prerequisites and last semester didnt go very well, as well as this one. My major problem is math Im really struggling with this class it's algebra and I failed the first two tests already. I also had chemistry but I dropped it because the subject was so hard and the professor was no help at all. Sometimes I think Iam not cut out to be a nurse because of my math skills. My gpa was a 3.0 the first semester and last semester it dropped to a 2.0 and I'am afraid its going to drop even lower after this semester ends. Also I received an Incomplete from psychology and I have to retake his final and If I dont pass it he will give me an F. I feel so insecure and stupid..... I try my best but I dont know whats happening that I'am failing math and psychology.. Please any advice would be truly appreciated... Thanks....
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  3. by   FutureNurse2005
    I too am struggling with math, but, I want to become a nurse more than anything, so I am pushing my way through! I have a tutor and he is incredible. There are days when I just want to throw in the towel, but then I come on here and I am reminded of why I am doing it all.

    Try finding a friend or family member who can help you, or a tutor if you can afford it.

    best of luck to you!!
  4. by   moonbunnie
    does your college offer tutoring services? at my school we have student who are paid by the school to tutor other students at no cost to them. i tutor a & p, but we have tutors in lots of subjects. math and chemistry are definitely two tough subjects. if your school doesnt have tutoring, maybe you could find a friend or someone in your class who could work with you on the hard parts. having someone work with you really helps.
  5. by   Bigmama
    Math is my problem too. If you can, try to take this alone or with only one other class because every math instructor I had think that THEIRS is the only class that matters. Meaning lots of homework, quizes and tests. Check your Math lab for free tutoring also. This is a mole hill we have to get over to become a nurse!
  6. by   nursepearl
    I am right with you. I am currently in my last semester of the nursing program and I struggled through the pre-reqes. I was terrible in math and when I got a tutor...I got an A! I also got "C"'s in most of my pre-reqs, but I have gotten all A's in nursing. Work hard and get the help of tutors.
    You can do it!
    Good luck,
  7. by   Carolanne
    I strongly agree with a tutor from the campus which will be free of charge to you. Take advantage of their services, it could make all the difference. Usually it's the missing link between the impatient professor and the wordy text book. You can do it, just get over this hump!
  8. by   S.N. Visit
    I am also taking algebra & psychology this semester. It's hard for me too. I agree with everyone else about getting a tutor. You might also want to see if there is tutoring available for psych, too. If there are no tutor's ask a high school or a fellow college student to help you. For psych, try making flash cards and see if your book has a supplemental study guide to go along with it. Also talk to your instructor's to learn what you can do to improve your grades.

    Don't feel inadequate, these classes are tough. If getting a degree is easy everyone would have one
  9. by   KattB
    I am so nervous, on Friday I am taking the ASSET placement test, and over the last 4 weeks I have been teaching myself math all over again, but it's still so hard...I haven't gotten to the algebra part, just pre-algebra. So my point is, I know on the math portion of the test I am going to do horrible and I will have to take 1 or 2 math classes as part of my pre-req's which I am starting this summer. So it's nice to know alot of others struggle with Math too. I want to be a nurse so bad and get out of this corporate world I am in, I am willing to go to great lengths to accomplish this. I am going to have to get this math stuff down. Are there any of you out there that was absolutely horrible with Math and still managed to pass math and move forward??? Did you finally "get math"? That is what I want, I want to be able to do it and understand it. It seems so overwhelming most of the time. :uhoh21:
  10. by   jemommyRN
    Look, what I need for you to do is TAKE YOUR TIME. It sounds like you are overwhemled at this point and extremely frustrated. Talk with your teacher. Is there any possibility for you to still pass the course (C or better)? If not, then drop it asap. If so, then calm down, refocus and go back into the material with a positive attitude. Find a study partner ( a person in your class that can tutor you) or meet with your professor daily, weekly, or whatever. Go to the math lab (most schools have one). Find others math professors that may have more time to spend with you than your teacher. Do whatever you have to do to succeed. Being upset about it is only a way to express your feelings. Don't be afraid to drop the course. It's better to have a W than an F on your transcript. Pray for strength to continue and remain focused. you need to ask for help. Do not continue to try to get it own your own. We all need someone to teach us everything that we learn. I hope my advice was helpful and I wish you the best. Keep a positive attitude (as hard as it may be right now) and STAY FOCUSED.
  11. by   FutureNurse2006
    I'm still hanging in there with the math and now I'am going to the schools tutoring lab as much as I can. I'm thinking of removing psychology and retaking it next semester. I really need to focus on my present classes not on psychology from last semester and I know I wont pass his final and will get a big F grade. English and sociology I'am doing very well but Math is my biggest obstacle but I have to challenge it and pass the dam class hopefully.... So for those of you who are in the same boat as me hang in there and keep focused on improving I know I will.... Good luck to all of you...
  12. by   Catma63
    Thought I'd add that I too have math phobia...have had it all my life. I struggled halfway through the math prereqs until I finally made the decsion that, By God, I was going to learn how to do it! So I practiced! I practiced non stop. I also got a tutor to help me when I definately couldn't work out a problem. Helped me tremendously.
    Practice is key, FutureNurse!
  13. by   RN-BamaStudent
    Math takes lots and lots of practice, when you learn a formula, find a book that gives you many different problems and work them over and over. Eventually, you'll do them without even thinking. When you get into the nursing program, buy different books to use while learning how to calculate meds. Get a tutor, like many have said, they should be offered at your school. Just practice and you'll do fine.