School Supplies??

  1. I have just recieved my information on uniform and supplies for school. The uniform is supplied for us but we have to supply a stethescope, shoes and scissors. So I want to know what stethescope (not a lot of money) to buy, what kind of scissors and can I wear sneakers or do I need special shoes? Also, the uniform for women says a pantsuit or a dress, how horrible is a paintsuit?
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  3. by   Altra

    Check around this board - there have been at least a few different stethoscope threads. Littman makes several that are < $60. If at all possible, try at least one before you buy it - at the store, ask an instructor, etc. It's a personal thing - no one can hear what you're hearing, so you'll have to judge that for yourself. Don't be like me and FREAK if you can't immediately hear BP sounds the first time you're taught to do it - it can take some practice to tune into what you're hearing, then it becomes second nature. :chuckle

    Websites like can let you browse and pick up on some common features.

    Scissors - I'd buy a few pairs. Cutting through an "industrial strength" post-op dressing pretty much did in the first pair I had. They're inexpensive enough to get a few to spare.

    Shoes - your school will probably specify whether sneakers are acceptable and if they have to be all leather and all white. If you're allowed to wear sneakers, I'd advise avoiding ones that have any mesh as part of the shoe - if you've ever worn them in wet grass then you know that liquids (i.e. body fluids) can seep through.

    Happy shopping! It's exciting - at least it was for me. But then, I might just be a geek. As for the dreaded pantsuit ... I dunno, but I'm getting cafeteria lady visions. :chuckle Hope I'm wrong about that!
  4. by   fnimat1
    As for the dreaded pantsuit ... I dunno, but I'm getting cafeteria lady visions. Hope I'm wrong about that!

    LOL.....that's what I thought about when I saw that we could purchase a dress suit or'll find out how they look next Wednesday's the first of my 3 day orientation

  5. by   RedSox33RN
    eBay is a great place to look for an inexpensive stethoscope also. But don't go too "cheap". From what I've read, they are very hard to hear with, at a time when you NEED to hear what is going on to learn the different sounds and pitches. I spent about $65 for a Littman at allheart. I also got shoes, scissors and a pocket organizer there. I got a watch with second-hand on eBay (cute one with nurse on it), plus a B/P cuff (that came in a kit with another steth) for only $12. Brand new also.

    Shop around! I saved about $100 by NOT going to the uniform store where I had to order my uniforms.
  6. by   manna
    Our pantsuit isn't really too bad, a friend of mine even dared to call it flattering (fitted top with a collar and straight leg pants). The only concern I have is wearing all-white. I'm definately a messy person by nature (just can't seem to help myself), so I'm sure my whites will be polka-dotted before long. :chuckle

    Lots of threads on choosing a steth around here. I'm beginning a BSN program next week and they suggested several Littman models. I ended up getting the Classic II S.E. for a decent price from

    Good luck with your shopping and school!
  7. by   LouisianaNurse2006
    Have any of you found a cheap website to buy nurses uniforms? We have a specific brand and style# for our tops, bottoms, and lab coats. I will go by a supply store to try on a set to make sure I order the correct size. I need to save money where I can. THANKS!
  8. by   khrissi17
    Go to, that's where I got my matching stethescope and scissors they have Prestige Medical steths for $11.99- hey the uniforms look crappy so you might as well try to match! lol Oh yeah if you don't like that site- try from what I heard all stethescopes work the same, unless you're a Cardiologist then you'd wanna spend a lot on one. But if you don't care for price- go with a Littman