School has a bad rep: Should I stay or leave?

  1. Good morning, I'm currently enrolled in a BSN program, 2nd semester. The school has a bad rep since it is a fairly new program and has been all over the news. My question is should I leave? or should I stay ? all that matters is that I passed the NCLEX correct? Would employers look at the school and not hired me or are they more looking at the fact that I have my license?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    How could a new school get a bad reputation already? And for what? The fact is, if you move half way across the country nobody's going to know about your schools' reputation. I've interviewed and hired a number of nurses as a nurse manager and I can tell you that other than where they went to nursing school being of slight interest, the fact that a nurse has a license and a good work history is of more importance.
  4. by   Kathyz
    If their nursing program fully accreditied? If so I see no reason to leave.
  5. by   SummerGarden
    Don't waste your time listening to gossip. As a nurse (or anything you choose to do in life) your school's reputation will not help or hinder you in your career. YOUR reputation will count to employers, co-workers, or anyone you may come in contact. GL.
  6. by   Conrad283
    Don't leave. Just finish what you went there to do and be on your merry way.
  7. by   SiempreBella
    The bad rep is because 90% of the students failed the NCLEX. They retook it and all of them passed except 1. The school is CCNE accrediated. Is that all that is needed?

    Any more input would be greatly appreciated.
  8. by   SiempreBella
  9. by   deeDawntee
    It would really depend what the bad reputation it poor instructors with badly managed clinicals and the students not learning the material they need to learn to pass NCLEX? I guess it would really depend on how YOU felt in the program, are you learning what you feel that you want/need to learn? Are you planning on taking a NCLEX prep course? Are there certain instructors that you can stay with for clinicals that are providing you with a good experience? Getting into a nursing program is a feat in itself, so if the basic requirements are being met, I would probably stay. For me it would depend where the deficienicies are....