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I am a BSN student in the last half of the last semester of my senior clinical rotation. Until this point I have met or exceeded expectations on all my clinical assignments. I just returned from a... Read More

  1. by   Achoo!
    Wite these things down! Keep tabs on the coversations, using quotes if you can. List the things she is saying or doing so you have evidence to present to the Dean. In the meantime, keep that smile on your face, and keep doing what you are doing. Stay strong!
  2. by   royr
    Update - just returned from today's clinical. My teacher decided to write up the "official" midterm evaluations today. Our school criteria is S for satisfactory, NI for needs improvment, and F for fail. She decided that she needs a "different" criteria to describe my clinical performance - because there is "something off" about me - I am not like everyone else. So - my evaluation reads "work in progress" in all but 4 areas. Those are split between S and NI. I tried to pin down the course coordinator again after clinical, but she once again was too busy. I am in terrible GI pain, and have lost another 11 pounds stressing over this. My preceptor at clinical, an RN nurse with 5 years experience and the floors current charge nurse said that my performance has been more than satisfactory by her standards and that she was writing me a letter to attach to my school file showing her evaluation of my teamwork and clinical skills on the unit. I hope this helps.
  3. by   DiabloFreak
    Sometimes i wonder if the teachers are there soley to fail us. I am having much the same with one of my instructors. She says that I am to much of a concrete thinker to ever make a good nurse. I am passing all my classes and have yet to completley foobar any clinicals. We have the same system and all clinical it was nothing but NI. I wonder if maybe they do not want the harder working nurses coming out of her class. The students that dont put in their best efforts are the ones that cake walk through her clinicals.
  4. by   GingerSue
    Quote from royr

    She decided that she needs a "different" criteria to describe my clinical performance - because there is "something off" about me - I am not like everyone else. So - my evaluation reads "work in progress" in all but 4 areas.
    she sounds out to lunch {just my impression after reading what you've written} - for heaven's sake "something off" - what kind of a useless comment is that?
    "not like everyone else"? - since when is that a criteria? do you show up on time, are you organized?
    This instructor needs to be specific about whatever it is that is bothering her.
    I hope that you are looking after yourself and take care of your health.
    Best to you
  5. by   kukukajoo
    Well it'll work to your advantage if she actually wrote "something off" in that report!! I think she is the something off!! She needs specifics if that is going to fly!

    Please, please start documenting EVERYTHING. Every day when you finish clinical! Get a notebook and as soon as you are done without exception, write the day's events down. Might even be beneficial for you to do this if you have a few minutes waiting for the post clinical conference so the instructor sees you doing this.

    I would also ask your classmates maybe to do the same if they witness the bahavior as well as the Nurse you are speaking of. This will come in very handy very soon.

    I would also consider seeing your doc or a counselor as this seems to be affecting you physically and emotionally. Also it will help substantiate your claims of the distress this has caused you if the need so arises in the future!

    Best of luck with this!
  6. by   RNfromMN
    Quote from GingerSue
    "something off" - what kind of a useless comment is that?
    "not like everyone else"? - since when is that a criteria?

    How...absolutely...bizarre. Such a shame that this is happening in your last semester, when you actually have enough knowledge to be able to sit back, observe more & relax a little. I'm so curious to see how this turns out...please keep us updated!

    For the record, I absolutely agree with what Daytonite said. And I don't think this wack-i-doo is necessarily going to fail you - I think she would have done it by now. I've said this so many times, it's starting to sound like a broken record: Some people just like to see you sweat - let them. If they get off on watching you run around like a chicken with her head cut off, while your classmates & preceptor cry over how badly you're being treated, fine. Just keep your eye on the prize - you're so close!

    Ooh, also - as much as you might want to make those snide comments about filing a lawsuit, I wouldn't. It sucks, but this nut-job really does have the upper hand here. And follow up on that wonderful preceptor's offer to send that letter. I think that's a great back-up to your defense, if you end up needing one. Good luck!
  7. by   tutored
    would any of your classmates provide written testimony as to your treatment, sort of eyewitness accounts? That will add to your preceptor's testimony. (big hug to her for that)...i'm a nursing student, too, and this frightens me.
  8. by   tutored
    i agree with Jessica in post #19 that this buttmunch does have the upper hand. I also agree with her in that some instructors are natural sadists who just love to make people unhappy.
  9. by   royr
    Update - My classmate that voiced concern at my treatment in our clinical has been moved to another unit of the hospital under the same teacher. I was told by my classmate that she is not allowed to sit with me anymore in lecture classes - but that has not stopped her from doing so as yet. She said that she would be willing to give a deposition if it comes down to going legal, but it would have to be after she graduates because she fears retribution. Now I am alone on my unit with my preceptor for most of the day, with my teacher dropping in for visits, paper work checks and skill checks - which is fine by me - that is part of her job. I made a nice batch of heart healthy brownies on my one day off and dropped them by for my unit to enjoy. It can't hurt me to continue to be well liked by those whome I spend the majority of my time. I documented everything so far in my notebook, and made an email thanking my course coordinator for offering to help (she has not found time to do so yet in the last 2 weeks, but in the three times I have met with her she has voiced her intentions to do so and get back to me. So far she has not, which is why I started my email trail if I need to take this up the chain of command. I am concerned about stalling, because I only have 6 clinical weeks left to my program and I need a positive outcome. I have a disabled wife and a young daughter for whom that I am the sole supporter. This whole "your are just not like everyone else" and "I have a feeling ... " statements do not bode well for a positive outcome. I am loosing sleep over these ongoing issues with no end in sight. I always keep a cool head - never show my anger, frustration, or cry because to me that would be showing weakness. I just keep my "stupid" smile on my face and do my job. My grades to this point have been excellent and several of my other instructors have been complementary about my clinical skills - two have even added letters of recommendation to my file. However, that will only help me if and when I graduate. I am feeling very singled out by this particular instructor, but all requests to move me have so far been refused. I am very gratfull for all the support and great (an not so great) LOL advice from this forum. It really helps me cope with the stress just knowing that others are standing behind me in spirit. If you have a spare moment and are so enclined, please say a prayer for a positive outcome for my situation. It can only help.
  10. by   tutored
    your previous instructor's postiive testimonies may, in fact, help you before you graduate if you find yourself in the hotseat trying to defend your right to pass muster. Nice thought on the brownies. Best of luck!
  11. by   kukukajoo
    Royr I just want to say that I wish you all the best in this and in your career. Maybe if you try to think of it as a test of how well you handle pressure it will be a little easier to bear. Keep doing what you are doing to protect yourself and don't lose sight of the goal!
  12. by   brissie
    Does your school have a VP of Student Instruction or some such position. I am almost done with school, thank God, but had a similar problem in my second year. I found that nursing instructors band together when one of their own gets criticized, I had to go outside of the nursing program and complain to the college hierarchy.
  13. by   GingerSue
    keep in mind those complementary instructors
    and the letters of recommendation
    rise above this situation, know your strengths

    you've worked hard
    and encountering a challenging situation
    I'll add my hope for a positive outcome