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How is the best way to deal with an entire group of rude classmates? I cannot switch my seat, (not enough seats in class), I've talked with the professor 3 times now, I was given the impression that... Read More

  1. by   Daytonite
    Go to the instructor's boss. That would probably be the dean of the nursing program. You know those taped lectures you have with the rude comments made by these classmates on them. Take those with you for evidence.
  2. by   caliotter3
    Reread lostdruid's post and follow her suggestions to a T. She is right on with her solutions to your problems. You have paid your tuition and have a right to access to the education you have paid for. Don't let the inertia of a few instructors and these imbeciles keep you from your goal. If you could get others to join you, all the better. I hope it doesn't go so far as you having to change schools. Good luck and let us know how things turn out.

    Also, don't feel sorry about complaining about the offending instructors. By refusing to maintain classroom order, they are failing in their jobs and should be reported to their superiors.
  3. by   Pauligirl
    I took a chemistry pre-req at a community college during a short 7 week summer term. I was absolutely shocked with some of the inconsiderate, rude, and downright disrespectful behaviors that I saw! Students carrying on conversations about trivial things or even the homework while the professor is lecturing is rude and shows disrespect towards the professor and fellow classmates!

    And these kinds of behaviors were occuring in the second and third rows! At one point I couldn't take it anymore and told two of the young men to "shut up!". Which lead to one of the guys telling me "no on tells me to shut up! ..." At that point I proceeded to point out his rudness and disrespect toward the prof and fellow students! The idiot finally shut his trap. The next day that class met the two idiots sat on the other side of the room. I think they thought I was crazy, hehe!

    The professor never did notice our argument or the classroom chit-chat. He had to of been in his 70's and was probably a bit hard of hearing.

    And can ya believe some of these chatty cathy's had the nerve to ask the professor if he would give some extra credit assignments in order to raise their grades! Ha! The prof quickly shot them down on that idea.

    I'm guessing that these kinds of behavior's are more common at less competitive and/or open entry schools (?). Seriously, I've never experienced this kind of crap at the university I went to for my bachelor's degree. Profs would immediately tell these kinds of classmates to leave the room.

    My other pet peeve is the noise that some students make while they're eating in class! I find it very distracting to hear chip bags opened crumpled, Dorito's munched, drinks slurped.

    And the cell phones ringing...argh!
  4. by   anewday
    I agree with everyone who said go to the dean of the school. Some of these same behaviors go on in my class to. It has gotten better as many people have dropped over the past few weeks. It is such a shame that grown people conduct themselves like this. Most of the people in my class are over 30. I find it worst than my first year of undergraduate school where the average age of the class was 18.
  5. by   I love my cat!
    Lots of great advice here!
    I'd make an appt. with the Prof and play the recorded lecture to him. Tell him this is all you can hear during the lectures and that you are feeling cheated out of your education. Perhaps this will show him how bad the chatter is.

    When I was in University you could hear a pin drop in all of my classes. People seemed to have respect for one another and seemed to respect the fact that we were all there to earn our education.
  6. by   PEBBLES1
    I am truly sorry to hear how so called ADULTS act like children. However, in my school, that type of behavior is not tolerated. If we have any problems, and the instructor hasn't dealt with the problem, then our coordinator will step in and if still not resolved go to your program director. Everyone, including your program director has someone, they answer to. Unfortunately, I have dealt with these types of people in class, but I don't tolerated it, I will ask them very nicely to be quiet. As for your instructor, he might not care, don't worry about him being irritated with you re: having him repeat the information, this is your nursing career and you need the information to do well on the exam and to do well as a nurse.
  7. by   Hygiene Queen
    [QUOTE=oatmeal: One person that did speak up to the group had her car "keyed". All this from supposed adults.[/QUOTE]

    PLEASE tell me you ARE joking?
    I pray these folks don't make it out of nursing school.
    Absolutely shocking.
  8. by   mlee9985
    I would gather all the people who agree with you and go to the dean of the nursing program and treat it as a serious issue.
  9. by   RN BSN 2009
    Dont get the medical note and come back next semester. .. I feel that's like rewarding the perpetrators by allowing them to graduate before you. It's not fair.