RN Program Restrictions Regarding NCLEX Registration

  1. hello all,

    I am almost done with my nursing program and they recently told us we will not be allowed to register for the NCLEX for another State although many of us live outside the state in which the program was offered.

    I currently live in Texas and attend a out of state nursing program. The program is telling us that they will not allow us to register for the NCLEX for the state in which we reside. Is this possible for them to put on such restrictions?? I have 2 more courses left to take then headed for my Hesi exit exam, Please anyone with any advise?
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  3. by   klone
    No, they should not be able to put restrictions on it. It's between you and the BON. However, it's possible they're telling you that because they know their program isn't accepted by other BONs.
  4. by   inthecosmos
    Quote from klone
    However, it's possible they're telling you that because they know their program isn't accepted by other BONs.
    Would be likely.
  5. by   klone
    Is this a program in Florida, by chance?
  6. by   Rose_Queen
    I'm guessing you're attending a program of poor repute that will not be approved by any other state's BON. There would be no restrictions on what state you apply to excepting this.
  7. by   Double-Helix
    By whom is your program accredited? NLN? CCNE?
  8. by   meanmaryjean
    Yeah, so you are probably in an unaccredited program and might be trapped in the state you're in. What program is this please. Because I think I already know the answer.
  9. by   meanmaryjean
    OP: This is Capscare, right?
  10. by   KelRN215
    What klone said.
  11. by   Nursetex
    The program is accredited as my friend was allowed to register in her state, she graduated in the class before mine. The school says moving forward this is what they are doing. No one else has ever had this issue. The school says they will only register us for Florida boards. Is their anything I can do? is this even legal? I tried calling Florida boards and they say they can not release my application to any other state once the school submits my application.
  12. by   Nursetex
    i have never heard of such a rule in any other program, this is so horrible and devastating as we did not know about this until the very last day of the whole program. I recommended this school to so much of my co workers but now I know for sure that was a mistake
  13. by   Nursetex
    is it possible they recently lost accreditation? because I know my friend just took and pass in her home state who was in the class before me. In that case what should I do?
  14. by   Double-Helix
    The school does not submit your application. You have to submit the application for licensure to the BON of whatever state you want to be licensed in. Part of the licensing application is provision of transcripts from your college/university. If they fail to provide your paperwork as requested you may be able to pursue legal action.

    It's also possible that they recently lost their accreditation and because they know the other states won't accept the curriculum, this is how they get around the students finding out.

    What school do you go to?