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Hi my name is April :wavey: I'm 29 and will be starting pre-nursing classes this fall! I have'nt been to school in over 10yrs....3 young boys ages 5, 2 & 1 ! My husband is currently attending law... Read More

  1. by   Mkue
    Welcome April ! that was a cute picture of your son.

    You have very good advice from above posters so there is nothing much I can add.

    I've found that a lot of motivation really helps and I think you have it !!

    Good Luck

    Marie :angel2: :wink2:
  2. by   agallegirl
    Thanks for all the GREAT advice! Yes I am very motivated and just ready to get started! I just pray I can make really good grades....lord knows I did awful forever ago in high school BUT I did not try at all.
    subec....I will be attending Hill college for my pre-reqs its my local 2 yr college. Thanks for offering help if I was near :-)
    I have been searching for a A&P coloring book I'm sure I will find one before Aug. I did buy this A&P book today its a part of the "made easy" nursing topics. It seems to be really helpful.
    Shygirl....ummmmm we'll see as far as making the $$$...right now my husband cannot even work his 1st yr. of law school....3 kids and me staring in the about living on a budget! Yes I hope it pays off :-)
    fnimat1.....CONGRADULATIONS on your lil one on the way!
    ashemson......GIRL I hear you I feel insane most days but I look foward to going to school for a "BREAK" hehehe
    GOODLUCK TO US ALL! I have such a long way to go.....Will it FLY by?
  3. by   plaefulangel
    i live in california... and i dont know if texas is the same.. but all or 99% or the bachelors degree programs here want anatomy and physiology taken as two separate courses. so if you plan on transfering after you get your associates degree... maybe you should take them separate. but thats here in california... is A&P acceptable for transfer over there?

    i've known of people who took A&P and finished the ADN program. but they had to take a anatomy course and a physiology course also so that they could transfer after.

    i'm took anatomy and am now taking physiology (in the summer!) since i know i am going to transfer right after.
  4. by   subec

    In TX, anatomy and physiology are combined into one class that lasts for 2 semesters. This is the class that is needed for the ADN program as well as the BSN program.
  5. by   agallegirl
    Yes what Tina said.......Here in TX A&P are together in one class
  6. by   emily_mom
    I made up hundreds of notecards for each unit. I kept them in my purse, so I could look at them in the grocery line, at red lights, between classes...anywhere I had a minute. Just writing the notecards made me retain much's all in little bites.

    I also looked over my notes for about 20-30 minutes/day just to reinforce what he said. Our professor recommended studying 2-3 hours for every class hour....RIGHT! Who has that kind of time? I did the above and was only one of three out of 125 that got an A+. And, I hadn't been in school for 10 years...what a feeling!!
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    tina, welcome!
  8. by   GPatty
    Best of luck in your classes!
    I have a 16, 13,9 and 7 here at home. They are easy compared to my hubby....he demands all my attention!
    I am going to take Adv. A&P, Microbiology, Intro to Sociology and Public Speaking this fall.
    I am certainly hoping that I can handle all this....cause I'll be working too.....
    At least we know what each other is going through! God Bless you girl! You can do it!

    Fatima~ I am soooo happy you and the baby are doing all right! YIPEE!!!!

    Bless you all!
  9. by   agallegirl
    Wow! 4 kids, a full load, married and a job!!!! You go....makes me feel like I surely can do this...hey we both can and WILL!
    I cannot wait to start...2 weeks!
  10. by   fnimat1
    Because of complications in my pregancy I forfeited my spot in the Fall 2002 program at my college. I am taking A & P 2, two nights a week from 6:40 to 9:20. So this shouldn't be too stressful on my pregnancy.

  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by fnimat1
    because of complications in my pregancy i forfeited my spot in the fall 2002 program at my college. i am taking a & p 2, two nights a week from 6:40 to 9:20. so this shouldn't be too stressful on my pregnancy.

    it is good to see you, fatima! hang in there and all the best to you and the baby.
  12. by   AnaH
    Hi April, my name is Ana.I'm 31, and I have also been a stay home mom for 10 years. I have two kids, a boy 9 and a girl 3 1/2. I'm going back to school this fall. I'll start Aug 26 w/ Biology, Psycology and math. It is a little intimidating to go back after so many years at home, but it will be nice to get out of the house, for a brake.
    I'm sure we will do fine.

    Fatima, congratulations !!! I have been away from the board for awhile , and just found out you were expecting!!!!

  13. by   agallegirl
    Congradulations Fatima! I loved being prego ....and babies are soooo sweet!

    I live in TX too! What nursing school do you plan on attending?