1. I have an oppertunity to take a trip to Austria/ Germany over Spring Break with the school I am attending. My problem is this:

    1. I am an adult student, probally the only one interested in going
    2. I am arried with 4 kids.
    3. I work at a hospital
    4. not sure if it is safe to be flying

    there is problally a whole more thigs I can think of, but I was just wanting to kow if any of you have left your family to go on a trip like this? I have been married since I was 18. have never left any of them, even overnight, except to give birth lol.

    Would you go?
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  3. by   TeresaRN2b
    Yep, I would go! I am a mom of 4 (expecting number 5 late April 2003). If I had the money to go and dh could get childcare arranged to cover any gaps I would go. I hardly ever leave my children either, but I would love to go. The only thing that would hold me up from going would be if I was still breastfeeding then I wouldn't go. But other than that, it's such an experience to pass up.

  4. by   Beach_RN
    oh MY GAWD! I can't believe you posted this.... I'm exactly in the same boat!!!! I have a good friend who is a recruiter/invesitigator for Continental Airlines.... she just called me on Friday... asking me to go to Paris with her Nov. 7,8,9, come back on the 10th..... I don't have to pay for anything.. she has a buddy pass for me and I can stay in the hotel room with her!

    YOu have a wonderful opportunity! It's a once in lifetime opportunity! I don't know what to tell you, I can't make up my own mind LOL!

    So.... good luck with your decision! YOu decide first and then I will make up my mind! LOL

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  5. by   maire
    Oh I would jump at the opportunity in a HEARTBEAT! As Teresa said, the only thing that would hold me up was if I was still breastfeeding or if my husband was deployed. How long is the trip? Can you afford to take time off work to get away that long? You didn't say how old your children were, but would childcare be covered with no problems?
    Fear not to fly, fear not the car bomb, you only live once - and wouldn't you hate to pass up on a chance to see something you might never see again only to kick yourself years down the road for not doing it?!

    (I just reread that, did it come out right? LOL)
  6. by   renerian
    When does the flight leave??????Enough said......
  7. by   peaceful2100
    Lisa, if this is something you REALLY want to do then go.

    Here is what I have to say about things you mentioned.

    1) If you feel comfortable that your husband would do good by himself for a few days then don't worry about that part. If you worry about the cooking part then how about making meals ahead of time that freeze really easily. Label them for each day and have him take them out.

    2) Don't worry about being the only older student, older students deserve fun and should do things as well.

    3)Do you think you will have another opportunity do take a trip like that?

    4) As far a flying is concerned, yes it can be scary but you put your life at risk EVERY day you drive your car. You never know what kind of accident you may be in, or what drunk driver may be on the road in your path that day/night. Yes, your chances may be better surviving a car accident than a plane accident BUT we can't keep living in fear for the rest of our lifes or we will limit our experiences to seek out and explore, network and do many, many things. (this is coming for someone who use to be terrified of flying EVEN before 9/11). Now, I don't really feel that way anymore.

    5)You work for a hospital, by the time you take the trip you will be there for a while. I am sure if you give them enough notice they will be Ok with it.

    6)Go have fun. I am a 22 year old single mom and in April I am flying to phoenix, arizona for the annual student nurse convention and it will be for 5 days. My parents will be keeping my daughter.
  8. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by renerian
    When does the flight leave??????Enough said......
    Have bags, will travel !:chuckle