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:( Ok, well im 18 years old and along with 3 other girls in my class, we are the youngest. The four of us sit together with another student and she is in her 30's. Well....first off, this woman has... Read More

  1. by   shabookitty
    I forgot to add...i agree. The question was a little absurd. And age is irrelevant. But there are cliques where I attend. And yes, I do ask them Q's. I am the most friendliest person ya meet. But! Ya still can't penetrate a clique! And lord knows, it isn't just with younger folks either. In micro lab, it is like the "group"will pair off with folks "within their group." So now they are mini-groups! hee!
    I just thought it was funny how ya thought 30 was old
  2. by   dstudent
    Maybe you's started off on the wrong foot, try again and let her know that you would appreciate it if she didn't ask such personal questions and kept her own thoughts to herself... of course in a professional manner.
  3. by   amy coley
    kudos to her for going back to nursing school. i'm not being rude, but when you get out in the nursing world, most of your co-workers will be older. it's very hard to get through nursing school right out of high school. but the best of luck to you.
  4. by   Melisita
    ok, just to clear things up...I dont think that 30 is OLD!!!! Honestly the only reason I said that to her was because I really wanted to get her where it hurts, like she did to me. Yeah, I know thats immature, and many of you think that I am a "whiny, rude teenager", but what she said about MY age seriously hurt me. I want to thank many of you for your good advice, because next time I think I will just say, "why do you want to know that", or "I dont care to share that with you". The only reason I posted this thread was to get some advice as to how to handle the situation, because it really bothered me. I could not understand why she would chose to sit with us, the youngest in the class, if she felt she didnt fit in. She is NOT the oldest in the class, everyone else is about the same age as her. SHe could easliy go sit with any of the other 30 year old woman in class. The 18 year olds are the real outcasts here. I feel that it is harder for us to be in nursing school, with all these older women, some of them really intimadate me! They have all finished the required courses for our program, they have been in college now for years already, and some of them are already LPN's and HHA's, and we are just starting this. When she made that comment about my age, it just really hurt me. I just want to be treated like any other student would. Is that so bad?
  5. by   MollyMo
    No, it's not so bad. It's natural. Unfortunately, sometimes the older person isn't always the adult. Sometimes, the younger is. Just because you're old enough to know better, doesn't mean you'll do it. Chin up. Chalk it up to experience and remember it if a similar situation arises. That's all you can do now.
  6. by   Mkue
    Don't let "one" bad apple" older student form your opinion for all of us "older students" .

    If I was sitting in your class I would probably gravitate toward someone more my age BUT I would certainly speak with the younger students also.. Believe me, I think that the majority of older students WOULD NOT ask about your sex life !

    If a youger student asked me about my sex life, I would reply something like. "well you wouldn't want to know" or " I choose not to discuss that information".. period.. something like that.

    This would be a "red flag" to avoid that student in the future.

    Don't let the older students intimidate you.. I think that in time you will meet many classy, intelligent and polite older students

    I hope so :wink2:
  7. by   snbrcc
    I am 27 years old and one of the youngest in my class. We dont have any problems getting along, and there are no "cliques". I think this woman's insecurities just caused her to behave badly towards you. The best way to handle it is to go out of your way to be nice to her. She is probably already jealous to some degree, don't give her a reason to hate you. I am admitedly jealous of the 18 year old size 3 in our class! Just kill her with kindness and she will stop patronizing you. You could end up friends, who knows.
  8. by   nicoleinphilly
    Oh boy! I bet shes sorry she ever told anyone about this incident! haha! I undrstand both sides and good points taken on both sides. She probobly is lonely, and Melisita is young...so we have to give them both the benifit of the doubt. But nursing is about caring, carry it through not only on the floor, but everywhere.......thats what we're about. Good luck to Melisita and to the lady....I hope you both do well........without each other.

  9. by   essarge
    Case in point- Patient presents in the ER complaining of severe chest pains. This patient is an older patient, alcoholic, and also a frequent flyer. The nurse took one look at him (no physical assessment) and stated "He's just complaining about nothing, he's drug seeking!" and proceeded to ignore this patient. Well this patient crashed (major) and luckily and "older" nurse was there to bring him back. NEVER, EVER, JUDGE ANYONE!!!! I don't care if you are 18 and they are 40. Everyone can learn from someone else! Maturity in life is the best teacher ever.

    Perhaps, Melisita, you might look at the "older" student and seek to learn something from her life experiences. Talk to her and get to know the real person. I'm not saying go out and party with her, just acknowledge that everyone has allot to learn in life no matter what their age is!!!