penlights always letting me down

  1. Hi, does anyone know how bright medical penlights are? I'm tired of buying the cheap ones that are always breaking and a company that makes flashlights that I used when I was in law enforcement makes penlights but wasnt sure what brightness is to bright. I couldnt find anywhere online that said how bright the bulbs/leds are in medical penlights so that I could compare
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  3. by   medicgirl
    I would love to know that answer to this question. I have had no less than 20 pen lights in the past two years. IT IS HORRIBLE!
  4. by   larien37
    your not kidding, i was able to find a few forums about streamlight penlights, thats the brand of flashlight i used when i was in law enforcement and they are fantastic, very reliable and durable but i wasnt sure if they were to bright. i did see several paramedics comment saying that they use streamlight penlights to do patient assessments so i'm guessing from that their ok to use. i did e-mail the company to just to ask also.
  5. by   Study24/7
    I buy mine right off the shelf at wal-mart for under $5. They work great, I can replace the batteries and I always carry a spare.

    Good luck.
  6. by   dannibee
    I bought a pack of 6 penlights from for about $7.50. They are GREAT lights! The light is really bright and they don't click on and off so you don't run the risk of accidentally turning them on in your pocket. They also have a pupil gauge on the side of each pen light. It's the ADC ADLITE disposable penlight. I've been using the same one for 6 months and it hasn't burned out yet!
  7. by   larien37
    I heard back from Streamlight and they said that all of their penlights are good for patient assessments esp their regular stylus style penlight. I've placed my order and cant wait for it to come
  8. by   Sand_Dollar
    Note to self: get Streamlight stylus penlight if accepted (yup, I have a list...seriously)
  9. by   mcknis
    Streamlight does offer great, and bright, penlights. Very useful during pt assessments to have a good quality, bright penlight. I first used those disposable ADC Adlites. My opinion? Cheap, crappy, underestimated, and they do lose their strength soon after coming out of th box. Sure they are bright for a few months (if that) but even if they still work, they are not bright. I had been using a pen light similar to one ( Now being in the ER, I have an otoscope and opthalmoscope available at all hours in every patient room. If you get quality equipment, you'll never regret it!
  10. by   locolorenzo22
    i use a stethoscope brand that goes around the bell of my steth....very bright uses two lithium flat batteries. i've used the same one for nearly 2 years now, was a xmas gift from the hospital one year. It's very bright and easy to use, has two little squeezers next to the light. maybe you should look for something like that...
  11. by   tfleuter
    New addition to christmas list: streamlight penlight or stethoscope light thingy mentioned before. My first penlight I never even got to use because it must have turned on in my pocket and didn't know it was dead until I did my first assessment at clinical. Second one (I think ADC) had a plastic cover to prevent the light from accidently turning on, but is very temperment and if you push too hard the light shuts off. Very difficult to get it juuuusssst right.
  12. by   beth66335
    Do they make a stethascope light to fit a single sided cardio steth?