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  1. Dear Vocera

    I think of Vocera as a source of amusement. I think it's hilarious when you ask it to log in someone and it says it's logging in someone with a completely different name! I look at it as a way to break up the seriousness that comes with our very busy...
  2. Compression stockings

    I use Nurse Mates compression socks that are 15-20mm/Hg. I like that they make my legs feel good after working long 12 hour shifts. They are around $13 a pair at Uniform Advantage. I see the Therafirm stockings on Amazon for around $16. Maybe I'll ch...
  3. Feeling refreshed after a day off...

    Cheers to having a day (or two) off from work! :cheers:
  4. Anyone Wear "Butter soft" Scrubs?

    I love Butter Soft scrubs!
  5. New nurse first job!

  6. Student Loans

    Kudos to the OP for being so financially conscientious! It's a good idea to start looking at these things early. I have about 40K worth of student loan debt right now that I used to get my BS in Health Science and my ADN. My parents couldn't afford t...
  7. New Onset AFIB..Is it an emergency?

    Well said!
  8. VA Palo Alto New Grad Program

    I was going to apply for that one but it's too far of a commute for me. I live in Sac. Good luck to you though. :)
  9. Interview Prep

    Hello all. I am a new grad RN and I have been fortunate enough to get to interview to work on a Telemetry floor at a hospital where I'm already employed. I thought it would be a good idea to do a little bit of studying for different topics that may c...
  10. Another nurse bites the dust due to facebook

    HIPPA is no joke. She should have known better. I don't post anything about my job on Facebook. Tough lesson for her.
  11. It couldn't hurt to try. A couple of my classmates have tried to find jobs as non-licensed personnel to get their foot in the door at a hospital but have been turned down because they have an RN license. Good luck with your job search. :)
  12. Looking in Sac area

    Good luck. The market is extremely saturated right now with new nurses. I'm a new grad that just graduated in May of this year. I've worked at a well known hospital system in the Sacramento area for the past 4 years but I haven't been placed into an ...
  13. Any New Grads working Per Diem?

    I got an on-call position at a nursing home.
  14. New Grads We Have Hit A New Low...Work For FREE

    It doesn't matter if I consider it experience but it does matter if HR does. I am fortunate to be working right now in an eICU as a secretary and I still get to see a lot and learn a lot while I'm waiting for an RN position. I actually get to use my ...
  15. WooHoo employment!!

    Congratulations to you!!!!