Paying for Nursing School with NO financial aid

  1. I was just accepted to California State University Long Beach's BSN program and will be attending there starting this fall. I am so happy that all my hard work has paid off! Only problem is I have no means to pay for school other than private loans and hopefully a part-time job to cut back a little on the loans I'll be taking out. However, I will still probably end up with at least $40k in loans plus interest.. My question is what companies you recommend to get a loan through and if you have any other ideas on how to minimize my debt.I have no technical "financial need" because my mom is an RN and makes too much money for me to qualify, yet she cannot afford to pay for my schooling. I will be lucky if I get any scholarships so not much help in that area. I am considering possibly Army ROTC or Navy ROTC because of the financial aid and gret leadership opportunities but I am a little afraid of the commitment and my family is totally against it. Any thoughts on these programs? Any advice is immensely appreciated! Thank you
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Army or Navy nursing are both with advantages and disadvantages. Noted that your family is against the idea, but it would be your decision. I worked full time and had part time jobs to pay for school. When I was downsized out of my full time job, I left school.
  4. by   cali_nature_girl
    With tuition increases I don't think I could pay for school and living expenses even with a full time job. Plus, my school does not recommend working more than 12 hours a week.. Quite a predicament. I definitely am not going to let finances keep me out of nursing school though.Army or Navy is rather attractive for me because I will also have a job right out of nursing school and one that will build my nursing and leadership experience. It would definitely be hard to be away from my loved ones though, especially my bf. There are definitely pros an cons.
  5. by   dbabklyn
    I accrued about $50K in student loans from my undergrad degree and I'm pretty sure once I get into a program as a second degree student, I won't have ANY financial aid and will have to take out more private loans. My private student loans are with SallieMae and their interest rate is very favorable. I would recommend checking to see if maybe you can get a loan from them. Another option is to talk to the financial aid office and see if they have someone that they work with so that you can get private loans.
    I hope this helps.
  6. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    Do you have previous degree???

    My understanding is that you are young ( you still have to provide your parent's tax return). Even if you don't qualify for financial aid money (the you don't have to repay) you still can get student loans. My husband makes too much money for me to get a financial aid but I still get student loans (not private loans).
    When getting student loan through financial aid yours or your mom earnings aren't take into consideration during application process.
  7. by   cali_nature_girl
    The BSN is going to be my first degree, and yes I am young--turning 21 this summer. Which student loans are you referring to? As far as I know the only federal loans available to me are less than 5k in stafford loans and the rest is offered in Parent PLUS loans which my mom is not going to take out. Any recommendations are much appreciated!
  8. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    5K??? I would double check on that one. I received $9500 this year and next one I can get up to $10500.
    As a primary source use FAFSA website. They have all information you need and how much you can get during your first year of school.
  9. by   Katie71275
    You can get direct subsidized loans, direct unsubdized loans, and possible Perkins....There could be others. Im currently receiving those 3 and get 13500-14500 per year. ALso, apply for any and every scholarship you are able to!
  10. by   not.done.yet
    A lot of this depends on how much the student's parents make and whether he/she is being claimed as a dependent on someone else's taxes.
  11. by   cali_nature_girl
    You can only get the federal loans that you are offered and like not.done.yet said, you must qualify. I am a "dependent" on my mom's taxes and she made 100k last year as an RN so the $4500 I was offered in unsubsidized stafford loans is all I get from the state plus Parent PLUS loans, I think, but my mom isn't going to take that route. I know my mom makes a lot of money but she had me at 17 and wasn't able to save up enough for me to go to college. Plus she has two more kids and has to pay her mortgage and spousal support so she cannot afford to dish out tons of cash for me to go to school nor do I want her to since I want my siblings to be able to go to college without all the stress I am dealing with now.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on Sallie Mae Student loans or loans through banks like Citi, Chase, or Wells Fargo?
  12. by   cali_nature_girl
    Good news! I was offered $7500 in subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans more than I had anticipated receiving! These loans will cover my tuition for the fall/spring semester so now I just have to figure out how to pay for the summer semester tuition, books, housing, food, etc. At least now I know some of my loans will have a good interest rate!
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