Part Time Job Ideas???

  1. Well it is official I got into a BSN program and will start full time nursing courses in January. Now all I need is ideas on where to make decent money on part time hours.

    Any ideas on flexible jobs and a range of what you can expect to make and during what hours?

    My class schedule will be about 2-3 full days and 2-3 half days, depending on the semester.
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  3. by   DZcarrie
    take a CNA class or CHHA class. very flexible, and GREAT experience!!! the money beats doing stuff totally unrelated, like waiting tables. decent cash for a student.
  4. by   zambezi
    Monitor tech on you tele unit or critical care areas.
    and non-health related: I always wanted to work at a coffee stand, we have one on every corner in my town...
  5. by   lizmatt
    UPS hires students as package handlers and they offer decent benefits for part-time employees and good tuition assistance.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Medical transcriptionist? That's what I did when I was in LPN school. Good pay, flexible amount of time too.
  7. by   susanna
    paralegal....pretty good money...a lot of busy work
  8. by   moonbunnie
    i work as a cna at a nursing home saturday and sunday only, day shift, and i get paid good money because they were offering an incentive salary when i got hired. i also worked as a tutor at my school last semester, which didnt pay that great, but i only really worked about half the hours i was there, and the rest of the time i was allowed to study and do homework, which is nice, because you can make money for doing your own homework
  9. by   DZcarrie
    i work as a CHHA in an assisted living facility. I've also done hospice work traveling with an agency. truly rewarding. truly gave me a TON of experience in the field. a big plus is that you learn all of the some! you are working directly with nurses...who are willing to answer questions and teach you stuff. different techniques, additional info from all of their years nursing. since i work in an adult home, i am certified to dispense meds, so there's MORE experience.

    i can't recommend it enough!

    i work part time nights. i get benefits and additional work is offered over breaks if i want it. on extremely slow nights i can take my books and notes with me.

    good luck!