Organizing old class notes

  1. I like to keep some of my old class notes, etc for future reference- things like Chem, Anatomy, etc that will be useful for me in Nursing School.

    But how do I keep all this organized??!! How do you organize all your old class notes? I am not sure what to keep and what to throw out because it seems that everytime I get rid of something from a class I end up needing

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  3. by   shyne
    I haven't really organized anything, but kept my A&P 1/2 notes in separate binders, which are arranged in chapters. I've also kept my chem and a&p books just in case I needed it again.
  4. by   bedpan
    Same here - I used the highlite pen on the book a lot more than i actually made notes, but what notes I did take along with all handouts, etc I put in a seperate binder for each subject
  5. by   kimtab
    I burn them and scatter the ashes, then note which direction I sent them flying in. Just kidding. I keep them in individual 3 ring binders. I'll probably toss them all eventually, I have my books as references and they are easier to look things up in.
  6. by   LauraLou
    I am just keeping the books. The lectures covered the material in the book, so there really isn't anything in my class notes that isn't in the books.
  7. by   rnnurse2be
    Ive kept the A&P book and notes. I just put the notes in a binder. I know the notes better than the entire book (since we didnt cover the whole book) and it gives me both points of ref.
  8. by   Ortho_RN
    You know to be honest I have NEVER pulled out my old A&P notes... You pretty much get everything you need in the nursing classes.. I still have them, but as of my final semester have never used them..