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  1. I am considering working in the OR someday, but everytime I tell my fellow students that they look at me like i'm weird or something. I would love to hear from some other students who are interested in the OR because then it won't make me feel so singled-out! Thanks!!!
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  3. by   kellyo
    I loved my time in the OR (saw a bilateral knee replacement), but I realized that's because I wanted to be the one doing the cutting and using the saw!!! The scrub nurse was absolutely amazing with what seemed like 1,000 different tools. She looked like an auto mechanic. She was the backbone of the whole surgery. I wouldn't toss OR nursing out as a possiblity....
  4. by   YoungWiseWoman
    If you go to www.aorn.org you will meet lots of nurses who are interested in Perioperative nursing. I think it's a great field, and I am considering it myself. Don't feel singled out...I'm sure there are LOTS of people that share your interest.
  5. by   JenNJFLCA
    I loved the OR, but I think I'd get bored being a circulating nurse. Most hospitals in my area don't have scrub nurses, they have surgical scrub techs. You're not alone in your love for the OR!
  6. by   Daytonite
    KES, don't let this get to you. Your classmates haven't a clue of what an OR nurse does, or they're unconsciously jealous of you. All through my schooling 32 years ago all I dreamed about was working in the OR. I was thrilled when I did my surgical rotation and got to observe surgeries. In my very first job I was able to spend a day in the OR as part of my orientation and I assisted an ENT doing tonsillectomies. It seems a little silly now, but I got to help the nurses position these kids on the bovie plate. The doctor was so nice. He had me look in the pharynx of a couple of these cases and explained the anatomy. He even let me use the snare to grasp a couple of tonsils. I got to help him use the cautery. I was floating on a cloud for days and knew that OR was what I wanted to do. I also got to spend time with some of the staff who were putting together the surgical packs that were used for the different surgeries and see the different ways instruments were sterilized. I learned that some surgeons have their own personal set of instruments that they keep at the hospital. It all kind of reminded me of watching my dad out in the garage while he was working on cars with his tools. You know, surgery is not that much different...just sterile! Don't give up on your dream. OR nurses get to see and do some awesome stuff!
  7. by   KES
    Thanks everyone! It really does make me feel much better. I can't wait for my turn in the OR during my clinical rotation in a couple of weeks. Sometimes bedside nursing just doesn't seem right for me. We'll see. I would love to start as a circ. nurse and move up to scrub someday
  8. by   LeesieBug
    I was absolutely giddy when I did my day in the OR. In addition, I recently did my senior preceptorship in PACU, with some observation time in OR, and realized I love the whole area. I have never felt so appreciated by a patient as when I came at them with a warm blanket and a syringe full of Morphine after surgery.

    I don't know what part of perioperative nursing I will get into, but that will definitely be my area. I also loved dealing with patients in ambulatory care before surgery. You really have an opportunity to help people. They come in feeling scared and vulnerable, and how you interact with them can really help put them at ease an make them feel safe. Same with PACU. Very rewarding areas.

    Just wanted to let you know I don't think your crazy, and I share your enthusiasm. I graduate in May, going to work Med/Surg for a while to get the basics down ( I want to know what I am doing), then on to perioperative area.
  9. by   NebbyLPN
    Had to smile at one of the last posts. It is usually the LPNs who are the scrub nurses and RNs are the circulators. The circulators have a lot more responsibility and are the ones ultimately accounting for instrument and needle counts. They are also in charge of the surgical suite at the time a case is going on. Some RNs scrub in for some of the really large cases, at the doctor's request or if they are employees of the doctor, but that is not the norm.
  10. by   KES
    Thanks for clearing that up about scrub vs. circ. nurses. I didn't know that before, so thanks for the info!
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    I want to be an OR nurse and someday I would like to go to school to become a CRNA. I know I have to work hard to achieve that goal. But I knew what area I wanted to specialize in before I even started nursing school. I already had my OR rotation and loved it and during that rotation I got to talk to and observe a CRNA in the process. She was very informative and really excited about me wanting to be a CRNA. She gave me a lot of good advice.

    And I must say that I have experienced the classmates that try to discourage you from that and also offering suggestions as to why not go into OR nursing. I can tell you this everyone has their own opinion about something. Just do you and try not to worry about the negative talk from others.

  13. by   SFCardiacRN
    OR is not for everyone but those who do it seem to love it. That is the whole point of a nursing career. You will find a job you love if you keep looking. Only 2 people in my class (I was 1) were interested in OR and everyone thought we were crazy. 5 years has gone by and I still love the OR.
  14. by   land64shark
    Just curious, exactly WHY do they think you are crazy? What do they think is so bad about it? OR is one of the areas I think I could be interested in after nursing school.