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  1. Has anyone done any online pre-req's? I need to do A&P 1 online (goofy work schedule) and wanted to hear from others.
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  3. by   iliel
    How do you do lab online?
  4. by   IDreamOfJeanne
    Hi, Coldfoot! I'm currently taking 4 pre-req's online, and have taken a couple of other classes online in previous semester, but I personally can NOT imagine succeeding at A&P online. I'm a straight A student, completing all pre-req's this summer (although it doesn't appear I'll be accepted into nursing this fall -- boo, hoo), and even with that record, I wouldn't consider A&P online for myself.

    I completely understand about your work schedule, and with the economy today, if you must work while going to school, it's not a great time to look for a different job that would allow you to take A&P "in person."

    Do you have any other options? Perhaps another school close by that offers A&P at night, or at a time convenient for you? I would recommend checking out all other options before committing to taking it online.

    There is SO much to learn, and the labs truly do help you get some hands-on to associate with what you're learning. The live lectures would give you a better opportunity to learn, I would think, as typically the lectures add some input that a textbook just isn't capable of. Also beneficial to me within lectures, was my instructors generous tips on what to focus on learning, and what information wasn't as important within the text. My instructor was great at sharing her personal experiences with us to help us relate to what we were learning; I wouldn't trade those stories for anything, unless I had no other option.

    Whatever forum you're going to utilize for A&P, be prepared to spend MEGA hours studying. Keep a positive attitude and know that it will all work out the way it is supposed to. YOU CAN DO IT! Best wishes!
  5. by   marilynmom
    I wouldn't recommend taking any anatomy or physiology online either. I take a lot of classes online through my school but they are humanities/social science type gen ed classes.

    I know at another community college here they do "web enhaced" classes where half of the class is online and 1 day a week you meet in the classroom....I though that was really cool. I know here at my school you can take Biology online but you still have to go to the school to do the lab part.

    Look around, you will find something that can accomidate your schedual.

  6. by   meandragonbrett
    I think the most important thing in taking an online class is that you make sure the instructor has taught online classes before. I've had a time with one of my classes this summer, this is the first online class she's taught.

  7. by   manna
    Yeah - as they say, the instructor makes or breaks a class.

    If you're really self-disciplined, I'd say go for it. Online classes require you to be pretty structured.... anatomy I can only imagine even more so.

    I've taken a handful of online courses, and plan on taking 3-4 this fall (I work full-time days so it's not convenient for me to be in class during that time - all the nearby colleges are also at least a one hour commute each way).

    Good luck, whatever you decide
  8. by   Coldfoot
    Thanks for the replies.
    Ok, a couple answers for you. The lab is done via CD Rom's and "Lab Kits" so I'll get some hands on stuff.

    I've been in Emergency Medicine (Tech/Paramedic/remote industrial provider) for about nine years so I have a base to build from.

    I seriously doubt I can find a school that will teach classes around my two week on two week off rotation and changing jobs has to wait until I get accepted.

    Thanks again for the input.
  9. by   iliel
    thanks! I always wondered how lab's were done online
  10. by   Momto2Boys
    I am taking an online class right now (but not A&P). From my Prof. who does teach an online A&P he said the students are required to come to lab but the lectures are online.
  11. by   marilynmom
    Originally posted by Coldfoot

    I've been in Emergency Medicine (Tech/Paramedic/remote industrial provider) for about nine years so I have a base to build from.

    Well if you have that kind of background I would say go for it then!!