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How about we have a thread for us! Hahahaha, sorry needed some encouragement today and figured I wasn't alone. I am so excited for the ones starting nursing classes this week, but so jealous. I... Read More

  1. by   TeresaRN2b
    Originally posted by TinaT021
    I have a 3.0 preprofessional G.P.A. and a 3.3 overall G.P.A. How many of you know someone who got in with a 3.0? My school wants a 2.8 minimum but that is no guarantee they will accept you they say. What do your schools want?
    Good Luck!!!!!!
    My school has a waiting list and they don't base it on GPA. In some ways I think that is more fair, but then in other ways if I could get in sooner with a higher GPA that would be great too. Good luck to you!
  2. by   tattooednursie
    I think in 2005 I wil be starting nursing classes
  3. by   Motivated, SN
    I am finishing pre-reqs this semester and hope to start the nursing program Fall 2003; it depends on the waiting list. I hope I don't have to wait longer. I'm not getting any younger. lol
  4. by   lunakat
    I have to still take: Speech, Micor and Chem and I think I will be done. Of course they don't offer the chem I need until the fall semster or else I would be done sooner. This semster I am enrolled in Nutrition, Math for Chem, Eng and Anatomy. It seems like it will be forever! Any body applied for the RN program even though you are still not through with your pre-reqs? One chick in my math for chem class said she has already applied and that if you finish you pre-reqs before you go in you get more pionts for the lottery to get into the program. Yikes! She makes me wish I had applied almost a year ago..........
  5. by   JudithL_in_NH
    Originally posted by lunakat
    Any body applied for the RN program even though you are still not through with your pre-reqs? One chick in my math for chem class said she has already applied and that if you finish you pre-reqs before you go in you get more pionts for the lottery to get into the program. Yikes! She makes me wish I had applied almost a year ago..........
    I've applied to three programs for Fall 2003 . . . the two that are ADN programs said nothing about finished pre-reqs as counting in your favor in the admissions decision. It was STRONGLY recommended that they be finished before starting the nursing courses, but no mention was made of extra weight in the admissions process.

    The third is a BSN program, so they obviously assume you'll do pre-reqs in the early years of the program.

    My first choice school is one of the ADNs. I already have a BA, so I have the general eds out of the way, and I'll have finished A&P I&II before the programs starts. I'll only have Micro to do once enrolled, and will hopefully squeeze it in the summer inbetween the two years of the program.
  6. by   camkib
    The prereq's for the ADN program I am trying to get into are high school classes in biology, chemistry, and algebra. However admission to the program is based on points and those points are given by completing coreq's.

    I started last spring semester and I have completed all of the coreq's except A & P II, which I'm taking now and Microbiology(will take over the summer).

    I submitted my app for this Fall. I need to have an interview with the department and then will find out some time in April or May if I'm accepted.

    The wait is killing me too. I feel that I have a pretty good chance of getting in, but I have a back-up plan just in case. If I don't get an acceptance letter in April or May I'll take classes toward other programs in my area for Spring 04.
  7. by   Mommyofthree
    Wow, Some of you have it pretty rough on prereqs. I am
    29 with 3 kids and just starting the prereqs this spring, I start
    with a elementary algebra class on Wed. My college let me
    transfer a semester of biology from high school to college credits.
    The only classes I will have to complete to apply to the RN program is Chemistry and English. I guess I am lucky. I do live
    in a pretty rural area, so maybe thats why they are easier on us.
    The chemistry and English I will take this summer, so by the Fall
    semester, I can apply and take the nursing entrance exam, and
    boy am I nervous about that, I do love to read and I've heard
    reading comp, is a big part of it, so maybe I will do well. I am
    also going to buy some study guides to help. If I don't make
    it in the 60th percentile on the entrance test, I won't be accepted
    to the nursing program and that scares me to death. As a stay
    at home mom, I am excited to be able to use a part of my brain
    that has been dead for a while. Good luck to all!!! I would also
    like some feedback good or bad what you thought of the N.E.T.
    and what level of difficultly it was. Thanks!!! Alicia
  8. by   AlishaNHayzley
    I will hopefully start this fall, right now I am doing A&P1 and then this summer I will do 2 and micro which will finish me up if I am able to clep out of comp1 and 2? Has anyone else clepped out of anything?
  9. by   giftedRN
    huh.mmmm...Still waiting. What can I say? I just have to wait until April. I am doing my electives in the meantime and two physical education classes. I will get into one of the programs for the fall but which one, I hope to know soon.

    Keep the faith!

  10. by   geekymomma
    Hi all,

    I'm finally eligible to apply to the LPN program at our community college. I took the NET this past Friday. Talk about stressfull! I should find out in a couple of weeks if I will be admitted to the Fall 03 class. I was going to do the RN route but at the rate I'm going, I won't be eligible until Fall 03, which would put me in the Fall 04 class. I don't want to wait that long. I need to get out there and work as soon as possible. I will go on to RN after I've been working as a LPN.
  11. by   usmc94201
    Well I am also working at a snails pace. I am not only doing the pre reqa but I am also doing all the classes that are not nursing classes. I will be ready to apply for the nursin program ADN in the Fall. I am also taking all the aditional general ed classes for MY BSN, for instance for the ADN I only need intro to algebra but for my BSN I need Stats. I am also having to make up for my first semester back in 99 I left school after one semester with a .86 GPA so I am retaking those classes to raise my GPA.
  12. by   Dublin37
    Hi everyone, great to see we're all in the same boat or ship (there's too many of us for a little boat) Anywho, I've got 2 classes left for my pre-reqs; Adv. Physio, and Medical Micro, I only need the Micro course, but to get extra points, I'm taking the Adv. Physio. My college is all on a point/grade system, and I have too few without taking it. Anyway, I should be in the program next Spring or Fall '04. I will apply next month, but I know I won't be accepted yet:zzzzz So I'll keep working my butt off. Well it's good to hear that we are not alone. Hang in there everyone! Heather
  13. by   ava'smomRN
    i think im behind most of yall. im onlyin my second semester of pre reqs.im a little angry at myself because i took some unnecessary classes last semster but i only have one more semester to go then i can start nursing school in fall2003 or jan 2004. anyone have any advice on helpnig get through hte wait . it really sucks. i just started working as a cna so i am very jealous of the rn's but i know someday soon it will be me. but it;s really hard to keep the faith