Nursing Student Studying Tips

  1. When it comes to studying many students are just not sure how to start. Many will end up with falling grades or worst yet - failing key exams. There are a few schools that offer Basic Study Skills classes. If your school is one of them I highly recommend you attend. Once you learn the basics, you can pick up a few tips here and elsewhere on

    To start off ...

    If you have any tips or inside knowledge please share.

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  3. by   o0fefe0o
    It's imperative to know what type of learner you are. I'm auditory and kinetic. I find that recording lectures, taking notes (even if there's a printable powerpoint, writing it out makes it stick in my brain), trying to associate the material with something I already know, and using flash cards. Study groups are also helpful to me, because we verbally quiz each other and share learning tips.
  4. by   hellenn
    I'll contribute because I KNOW I will be checking this thread often and gleaning what I can from it! I'm open to and wanting to hear everything that can help!

    My professor encourages us to sit in the same lecture (different class, different day, same subject) as often as we can. The 1st one you record, the 2nd one you take notes, then you listen to it again and make more notes. You can also convert the audio into an mp3 format then burn it to a cd and listen while you are driving.

    Study groups are key, try to find other students that will meet with you and help each other.

    I've been told to create your own questions and answers (make sure they are right though!).


    For memorization- take a sheet (whether it's from your book or handout). Copy that, then white out the "answers" or key parts/wprds, copy that again 15 times. You can read it and fill them out, sort of like a self-quiz/test.

    I have to WRITE everything out 2-3 times before I can really retain it.

    For super hard classes, if you can afford it or have the resources (or a friend who is sorta fresh out of school), get a tutor or someone who can translate sophisticated or complicated stuff into layman's terms for you! My BFF is one of those super smarties who luckily can translate the hard stuff into something I can grasp by relating it to everyday life or just "dumbing" it down for me. HUGE HELP.

    I agree with the lovely gal above though, figure out how you learn whether it's visual, audio, kinetic, etc. or the combination!
  5. by   ADN2B
    A good study gruop is very helpful.
  6. by   PocketSize
    Use this quiz to help find your personal learning style.

    What Is Your Learning Style? | Edutopia

    Mine was dead on. I'm intrapersonal- i need to be alone and find repetition works most effectively for me. I also go to SI, which is like free group tutoring because I'm awful in the sciences and those have helped tremendously. Now, a couple of other students in my class have united to form a study group and formed an alliance, which I am now part of. It really motivates me to keep up with them.
    It's so hard for me to focus- sometimes I feel I have some sort of untreated ADD but Reviewing material learned from the last lecture EVERY DAY is key. For at least 30min.-1hr. Sounds like a lot but you need dedication in this field.

    Review-Repetition is what works for me.