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  1. Topical News

    How many like him occupy the republican party? And just how much more dangerous are they going to be for our future? Why are people like him any different from the Taliban or the other radical Jewish and Muslim sects? I wish I under...
  2. Topical News Does anyone find it strange that republicans flock to the evangelical movement, which if you think about it carefully, epitomizes forgiveness via Christianity? Now thin...
  3. Topical News DeSantis, has gone around the bend!
  4. President Biden thread

    You had better so some further research. You do not have the right to instigate a crime or cause harm willingly to others by instigation! It's only a matter of time before the right judge allows a case to be heard and then he's going to wish he...
  5. Topical News

    A trial process begins. From Opening statements to strategy to closing, to witnesses the judge allows, to leeway during, all becomes elements of precedents and learning experience for anyone like the Insurrection, prosecuting a similar crime. Now rem...
  6. Topical News

    Ron DeSantis now wants to employ antivaxxer police for Florida while giving them a bonus! AGAIN, what other quirks does your personality hide if you are antivaxxer and a front line worker?
  7. Topical News

    I pretty much think I explained it fully in the original post.
  8. Topical News

    So the Charlottesville white supremacist case will be starting soon! I wonder if trump knows that this is the case that might actually put him in prison? All of the legal tactics and procedures used, will be the template for what will be ...
  9. Topical News

    I can see this country in a world of trouble! If Biden doesn't get the filibuster and stack the Supreme Court, companies like facebook and other hedge fund managed entities, will use the weak antitrust laws to destroy this country. News i...
  10. Topical News

    Here's what I can lump the republican party with, stupidity, idiocy and just complete morons! For any country to prosper, you need peace, which breeds liberal ideas and science, which creates the products, that creates the industries and manufa...
  11. President Biden thread

    Believe me, they possess an extreme deficit in many areas incl the political arena!
  12. Topical News

    What other deficits does he have? Florida surgeon General walks around without masks and spots antivaxxer rhetoric! Of course his was a political appointment by a moron of a governor but just extrapolating from this one thing, what other ...
  13. Topical News

    Just heard that the new variant is going to be called, "The Trumpeda Strain". Because, he's far more effective at eliminating the stupid than any other variant! I would be willing to bet that over 90% of antivaxxers and maskers are trump ...
  14. One Nurse’s Approach to Discussing the COVID-19 Vaccine

    How about disgust and amazement? The OP might think patience and consideration might work for people like you, but I see and know that it's people like you that runs red lights and stop signs and cheat on your taxes, lies more often than speaki...
  15. Topical News

    I'm sort of wondering the John Deere and Kelloggs workers that are striking for more money, JUST HOW MUCH hypocrisy is involved here? I wonder who they voted for in the last election or where their political loyalties lie and how they feel about...