15 of My Favorite Study Tips

My best study tips :) I hope one or two of my tips helps one or two students. Share Tips Article

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15 of My Favorite Study Tips

Here are some of my best study tips.

1) Use multiple studying methods, and above all, study weeks ahead, not at the last minute. Layered learning is best.

2) Take frequent breaks. Looking at pictures of puppies or animals on your break enhances concentration. Petting your pet sets up positive chemical reactions that help learning. Get up and move around.

3) Shorter sessions are better than all-night binges.

4) Repetition, repetition, repetition

5) Read smart. You can't read it all, so skim for meaning. The first sentence or two of a paragraph gives the overview.

6) ***Listen smart. Your instructor will emphasize what's important to him/her during lecture. That's your study focus.***

7) Review your notes right after class to hardwire.

? When it's straight memorization, use mnenmonics.

9) When driving, talk out loud to yourself in the car. Repeat key facts and concepts. You will quickly identify your learning needs.

10) Have notecards on your person. Standing in line at the grocery store? Pull out a card.

11) If you are auditory, record yourself or instructor and play back.

12) Try Pinterest. You will find universal study subjects broken down into easy effective visuals.

13) Do not rob Peter to pay Paul- get your rest. Fuel yourself, and once in a while take a complete break (swimming, movie, shopping). Your brain will keep working in the background.

14) Avoid comparing yourself to others. Everyone learns differently.

15) Teach someone else what you learned. It assures mastery of your subject.

Best wishes!

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Thank you for all of your tips! I just started nursing school last week. Do you have anything to add on for working mothers?

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