Nursing Student Humor and Retreat

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've been studying a lot, needed a good laugh and found a couple of sites that deal with the humorous side of life as a Nursing Student and Nurse . I'm sure some of you have already found these places - but for those that haven't, they're worth checking out. Everyone needs a laugh now and then.

    First: - It's filled with really funny nursing comics - many deal with student nurses and their instructors. It's all done in jest and I thought someone out there might get a kick out of the cartoons.

    Second: - A Nurses' Hideaway - On-line retreat for anyone in the Nursing Profession. It's filled with Nursing poetry, prayers, ways to relieve stress on the job, care-plans (for yourself) and Humor. They've included some really funny "accidental" nursing notes - just lots of stuff to find some humor in this very stressful profession.

    Hope some of you will check out these places and get a chuckle!!! :chuckle SusanNC
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  3. by   HyperRNRachel
    Thank you so much for posting the humor sites. The first one is so funny...I loved the nurse dancing
  4. by   emmy
    Thanks for that, I'm so stressed at the moment, you know essay to write, books to read blah blah blah :chuckle
  5. by   MaggieJo
    Thank you so much for posting those sites. I was able to just sit down and laugh, and we all know how hard that can be in nursing school. Made my day! Thanks.
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
  7. by   njnursetobe
  8. by   maire
    The student nurse comics for the nurstoon site are PRICELESS! LOL I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Thanks for the links!