Nursing school turning me into a crabby pants.

  1. Hello everyone!

    Just wondering if anyone else is struggling with the same thing as me. I'm a second semester nursing student (ADN), and while I love nursing and I'm doing well in my program, I'm obviously stressed out. I also work on top of school. I just feel like nursing school is making me an unpleasant person to be around. I constantly feel stressed, and I feel pretty irritable and cranky a lot of the time because of it. I guess I just feel like I'm, for lack of a better word, turning into a bit of a ******** person because of all the stress I'm feeling.

    Anyone else feel like this? Nursing school is making me crazy! But I love where I'm headed and wouldn't change it. Just wish I could be the carefree fun-loving person I used to be!

    Just looking for some support I guess.
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  3. by   traumanurse2b?
    I'm a first semester student in a 2.5 yr BSN program. I don't think I've become crabby but I sure do think NS is making me delusional. I used to be so quick on my feet and fantastic at multitasking, now I can barely hold a conversation without getting distracted by something shiny, Haha. Anyways, try to find something to help you work out those nerves, maybe yoga or walking/jogging. I work out at the gym (when I can find the time or energy) and my best strength training days are when I feel stressed and I just have to work out all that frustration and stress.
  4. by   erica2117
    I work full time and of course a full time nursing student. I find myself definitely more crabby especially on high stress weeks. I'm just counting down the days til Summer vacation... spring break doesn't count because I'll be making med sheets that whole time
  5. by   Skips
    Yeah, it does make you grumpy. Make sure to take some time for yourself every week. Maybe even an hour or so to just chill out and think about nothin'.
  6. by   SleeepyRN
    I was grumpy and short tempered. When I get on a roll with studying, its "leave me alone" time. I don't have kids, but (even though my husband was supportive) he'd annoy me. I think its a good idea to take a day each week, or two, and spend a few hours with family and friends. Good luck, and as I see it, these feelings are normal. We just have to learn coping strategies to control our external reactions. We can also try to deal with it the best we can internally. For me, it would be to recognize when he is supportive and remember that when Im getting annoyed.
  7. by   MagicStatic
    Thats usually why academic advisors warn against working while students go to nursing school full time. I know the BSN program can be stressful, I'm not sure how the ASN is that difficult but working part time and doing almost anything else is difficult.
    I'm a single mom, active duty and in nursing school-I have experienced just about every struggle and I think having a job to do and having exams to study for is tough all by itself. Add kid(s) and or spouse to that and booya even harder.
    My remedies for stress:
    Comfort foods, exercise, tea, yoga, movie night, pedicure/manicure, a glass of wine, chat with mom, warm bath, reggae music...
    *not all in the same day lol
  8. by   mrsbacktoschool
    Quote from MagicStatic
    My remedies for stress:
    Comfort foods, exercise, tea, yoga, movie night, pedicure/manicure, a glass of wine, chat with mom, warm bath, reggae music...
    *not all in the same day lol
    Agreed- Single-ish mom (hubby works 4pm-early am, so basically I have no back-up), working mom, taking full-time course load, everyone is crazy-busy.
    So, here's what I found keeps up morale: make sure you are eating enough and eating well and getting some exercise.
    I find myself trying to cram in studying, house work, work work, school, and life in general pushes having good meals and exercise time out the window. And I was such a (insert whatever phrase you want to use for a not-nice person)!!! So, I started packing a cooler each day (took 5 minutes) with a sandwich, juice boxes, fruit, pretzles, and some favorite snacky stuff. That way I can take 5 minutes to eat anywhere and I don't have to hit a vending machine when I'm crashing. I started riding my bike for local errands (kid on the back really makes it a workout) so I get stuff done while exercising.