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  1. MinnesotaGirlRN

    Question about tablet vs computer for WGU studies/reading

    Thanks! Very helpful. I'm having a hard time deciding between the iPad and Galaxy Tab. Technology can be overwhelming.
  2. Hi all! I started reading some chapters for my first course last night on my laptop, and am having a hard time reading on my computer. It feels sort of awkward to me for some reason. I think it may feel more natural to me on a tablet, and also easier to transport, read on the sofa, etc. Anyone use a tablet, like an iPad or GALAXY tab, for their WGU textbooks? Is the Bookshelf website with the textbooks compatable with a tablet? I understand I won't take exams and such on a tablet, but im wondering about it simply for the reading aspect. Does the WGU portal function on a tablet? Can anyone give some insight or recommendations?
  3. MinnesotaGirlRN

    RN-BSN 6-1-15 start

    Oh! Can I get the info for the Facebook group?
  4. MinnesotaGirlRN

    Just Starting this Journey

    Thanks! I haven't taken Stats since high school so will be new for me as well. My first class is Care of the Older adult which should be a breeze, but I know Stats/Biochem will be much harder for me. Good luck!
  5. MinnesotaGirlRN

    I completed my BSN today. Feel free to ask any questions

    First of all, congrats on finishing! I had a question for you about the pace you completed your courses. I just started my first class, Care of the Older Adult, and got a 75% on the pre-assessment (pass cut off is 66%). If you obtained well-above the pass cut-off for a pre-assessment, how much time did you spend reviewing the course materials before you took the official objective assessment for the course? My goal is to finish in a year or less, and I need the same amount of credits as you. I'd like to get done as efficiently as possible while still getting the most out of my education. Thanks and congrats again!
  6. MinnesotaGirlRN

    RN-BSN 6-1-15 start

    So, I took the Pre-Assessment for my first class "Care of the Older Adult" and scored a 75% (pass cut-off is 66%). How much time should I spend reviewing the content that I need to review according to my coaching report for the pre-assessment? I'm tempted to just take the real assessment right away to try and get it done, but my mentor did not recommend doing that. Anyone in a similar situation? Hope the first week is going well for everyone!
  7. MinnesotaGirlRN

    RN-BSN 6-1-15 start

    When you say you've "started" them, what have you done so far? Started reading through the textbook/modules? I've heard some people say skip the reading and go straight for the assessments/tasks. I'm just sort of overwhelmed at where to begin. I also want to get done at a very quick pace! What's your strategy so far, if I may ask?
  8. MinnesotaGirlRN

    RN-BSN 6-1-15 start

    Good to know. The term "start date" makes me feel like I should be STARTING a class on Monday! I'm just a little anxious I guess.
  9. MinnesotaGirlRN

    RN-BSN 6-1-15 start

    I talked to a guy in the IT department last night and he said he has never heard of anyone having any issues. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I sure am not gonna go out and buy a brand new computer! On a side note, I have to rave about their IT dept. I've had to call them twice and they are always very helpful. Don't hesitate to call them if you run into tech issues!
  10. MinnesotaGirlRN

    Just Starting this Journey

    Hi! I'm planning to take Stats right away and hoping to finish in under a month. How many hrs per day have you been putting in to it?
  11. MinnesotaGirlRN

    RN-BSN 6-1-15 start

    I'm just waiting on a call from my mentor to get me registered for my first class! Hopefully Friday or Monday I'll be all set! I have a couple questions for you guys: 1. So, my start date is June 1st, but I haven't enrolled in classes yet? Monday is June 1st already. Is that normal? Anyone else in the same boat as me? 2. I see that the online proctoring is incompatible with Mac computers. All I have is a MacBook. Am I supposed to go out and buy a Windows computer? Or is there a way around this? So excited to start. It seems overwhelming right now. I just want to be REGISTERED! Good luck everybody.
  12. MinnesotaGirlRN

    Do any WGU graduates have jobs?

    It's fully accredited and it's non-profit. Don't see the issue.
  13. MinnesotaGirlRN

    RN-BSN 6-1-15 start

    I'm also starting June 1st! I have 34 credits. I'm nervous about the online classes...and the papers. Do you need Stats and Biochem? Kinda stressing about those 2 courses! Ick.
  14. MinnesotaGirlRN

    Pearson Vue Trick 2014!!! It's True!!!

    Congrats RN!!!!!
  15. MinnesotaGirlRN

    PASSED my boards!!! I'm a nurse!

    I passed my boards in 75 questions on my first try! Was sooo happy when it shut off at 75, and am even more happy that all of this studying has paid off! Wooohooo! So excited to join the other great nurses out there and begin my nursing career!!!!!! Just wanted to say thanks to this forum. Lurking on here and getting some study tips definitely helped me throughout nursing school and studying for the NCLEX. I took Kaplan, and cannot stress enough how important it is to do hundreds, if not thousands, of practice NCLEX questions. I mostly did 100-200 questions per day for a month, and reviewed rationales. I feel the practice questions helped me immensely. In qbank I was scoring consistently 62-76% for the past week or so. I believe my question trainers were around 60-75% and my readiness test was 71%. I only used the Kaplan book and question rationales to study content. I probably studied an average of 1-3hrs/day for a month. I'm so happy to be done, and good luck to anyone who is still studying for boards! You can do it!!!! Time to celebrate for this girl! :)
  16. Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone else is struggling with the same thing as me. I'm a second semester nursing student (ADN), and while I love nursing and I'm doing well in my program, I'm obviously stressed out. I also work on top of school. I just feel like nursing school is making me an unpleasant person to be around. I constantly feel stressed, and I feel pretty irritable and cranky a lot of the time because of it. I guess I just feel like I'm, for lack of a better word, turning into a bit of a ******** person because of all the stress I'm feeling. Anyone else feel like this? Nursing school is making me crazy! But I love where I'm headed and wouldn't change it. Just wish I could be the carefree fun-loving person I used to be! Just looking for some support I guess. :)