Nursing Internet Classes Pros and Cons?

  1. I am debating whether I should take internet classes next semester. It will be in Pharm and Patho. Should I not take these classes online. Im currently taking Assessment online right now, its ok. But I dont know what to do. Anyone else take Patho or Pharmacology online? Should I our shouldnt I?
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  3. by   crisbiss
    I am currently taking both pharm and patho online.
    The pro's are of course, being able to work full time and still take the pre req's i need. These classes aren't offered at any local community college either, just an expensive private school (so i take them at a CC in northern cali). I like being able to do my work in the evenings and weekends, which is what usually happens because i have 2 kids and weekday evenings can be busy.

    The cons: i know i would be retaining more info in a lecture class.....i am an active student in class, i ask lots of questions and even though my online teachers are responsive, it can be hard to wait a day for the answer to a question. I am doing well in the classes, but they are hard..... in some ways online classes are harder because they often give more homework to make up for the lack of class time.

  4. by   Rage
    Make sure to check with your local college as well to ensure they honor the credits of the on-line course. Nothing worse than doing the on-line class and then having to re-take it because it's not articulated.
  5. by   NightOwl0624
    I think it depends so much on the instructor, the subject and what kind of student you are. The flexibility is great, but it depends on how you learn best.

    Not much help, am I???

    I'm taking both online right now. The patho is going great. I usually get it done early in the week and don't have to worry about it at all. The prof is very straight forward and doesn't try to trick you. You do the work, submit it, and take a few essay exams. No problem, no stress, good grade. (This class is worth 4 credits).

    The pharm class, though, is a thorn in my side. It is only one credit, and supposed to take 3-4 hours a week. I think I am putting in much more than that. I like the instructor and the format, but I'm not doing well understanding and retaining the information. If I can, I'm switching to a live lecture next semester for part 2. I'm doing well, but I think I would feel more comfortable in a lecture on this one.

    Good luck with your decision. I'd ask around for opinions if you know anyone at your school who has taken the classes, if you can.
  6. by   jla623
    I took both classes online. I guess it does depend on the instructor, but I did very well in both classes. I find it much easier, but that is only because I despise going to lecture classes and listening to someone talk for an hour and a half. For me, it helps because I have more time to read. I guess it all depends on your learning style.

    For Pharmacology I had to take the tests at the school and for Patho I actually got to take the tests online.

    I would say go for it!
  7. by   Achoo!
    Depends on what kind of learner you are I think. For me, I benefit alot from lecture in regards to A&P, so personally I took patho in class. other classes such as amangement, pharm, etc that are more memorization I did online and had no problems. You do need to be motivated though to stay on top of things.
  8. by   User123456
    Im scared to take online classes for nursing I need to be in the class ... but other non nursing classes are NBD. good luck!!! :spin: