Now i that i GOT letter!!I CAN"T GO!!! I am so upset:(

  1. I am so about to cry, but I know that God got this I know he do. Well today i receive a letter from tech college saying i have to report on May 18 for registration for summer, I am like WTF, so i call them, she said well me are making it mandatory u start in May instead Of August, she said why is a problem, i said aaaah yeah it very inconvenient, she was like well i had to wait to mail it, I was like wait u mean u mail me a letter Monday telling me I have to go to school the next following week and I am not supposed to not be bother. I said first off i have to have a SAR from last year the one i did for August is no good because, it from the next following year 2. i was told it would not be mandatory to come in May because it was just a thought u all were having to maybe do the summer thing, BUT now it is Mandatory!!
    ,, I am so upset because I am in a week supposed to find child care, find a way to pay my tuition, book etc. URGHHHHHHHH!! U know I probably could swing the tuition and stuff, but child care HELLO NO!!
    I know it was God who quicken me to send that App to another school which has in me advance standing now, , NOW i have to PASS that TEST (NET), i hate the stress i am under now, it so not fair, i got in the tech a year in advance and this what happens a few months before, i can not believe it, I am so upset, i am really trying to keep it together, I swear. Please pray for me
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  3. by   manna
    Good luck, and I'm sorry to hear that! Will certainly keep you in our prayers, here...

    I was really bummed out last year, because I had applied to rad tech school and been accepted, but I couldn't afford to quit my job and go.
    This year, I got into a BSN program, got loads of scholarship/grant money, and my husband has a much better job. God definately knows what he's doing...
  4. by   Katnip
    Wow. They give you a week's notice to tell you the program dates have been moved up by months? Sounds very fishy to me. Not to mention bizarre. I'm sure you aren't the only one freaking out over this. :angryfire

    Whatever you decide to do...whether you can find child care or whether you choose to take the exam for the other program, keep positive. This may be an obstacle that turns into a wonderful opportunity for you, and you just can't see it yet.

    And yes, I'll be among those praying for you.
  5. by   Truly_Blessed
    Girl that's crazy. I'd be upset too. But like you said, Gods got this one. Said a quick prayer for you. It's all about HIS timing. Best of luck...It's going to work out for you.
  6. by   studentnurse74
    Quote from cyberkat
    Wow. They give you a week's notice to tell you the program dates have been moved up by months? Sounds very fishy to me. Not to mention bizarre. I'm sure you aren't the only one freaking out over this. :angryfire
    And if they'll do that to you, who knows WHAT kind of stunts they'll pull out in nursing school. I'm sure you're better off. You'll get in somewhere else. Good luck
  7. by   luckyladyore
    Acknowledge God in all your ways and HE will direct your path!!!! Let god continue to direct your path All things work to gether for the GOOD of them that love god who are called according to his purpose. God has pupose for your life and in his time he will allow his divine plan to overtake you with blessings. Wait on the lord and be of good courage!!! I believe things will work out for you!

    Where there is a will there is a way!
  8. by   RedSox33RN
    Lot's of prayers for you, Denetra. I can't imagine your level of frustration right now.
  9. by   renerian
    The hoop jumping starts early. Hang in there. It gets harder. Trudge forward.

  10. by   HisTreasure
    He will never leave you nor forsake you. Sometimes you have to lift up your eyes to the Heavens and say "Lord, what is it that you will have me to do?" and remember whatever God leads you to, he will lead you through. I will keep you in my prayers, and it is my suggestion that you go into the next couple of days in prayer...listen with your heart for your answer from God. It will come, and in the end, you will be blessed.
  11. by   Godswill
    thank u all for your encouragement, i truly believe when one door close another one opens. It was so odd because i was not going to apply to that other school, because i was def in tech, but i kept praying i felt i was suppose to apply so i did, and a week after i get my test date for NET i get this letter. the school i am taking NET for start this september and end next october 2005 (13 months), but tech school will begin this may and end may 2006, thats 24 months really, but 21 months of school time, u know if i do 24 month, i can finish my bachelors in social work I am a senior in college in thi s Major, but realized i wanted to be a nurse

    Thank again u guys u have no idea how this has encourage me
  12. by   angelac1978
    i totally agree, when God closes a door he opens a window. Now study hard for the NET and get into that other program. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  13. by   cns48
    I have known friends to have the same thing happen to them. At a local CC there were 100 and something people competing for 70 spots and no one has any idea where they stand in the process (whether they are getting in or not).

    About two weeks before classes start, the selected 70 students get a call and are told that they have been accepted to the nursing program. In the meantime, within two weeks they have to come up with money for school (which an exact amount was not given ahead of time); they have to get physicals and specific tests (which cost money) and a list of other things that must be completed.

    It is amazing how a school can do business this way. And it happens every year. They aren't even trying to do better; they have just accepted this inefficiency as a way of doing business.

    Don't get me wrong it is one of the best community college school of nursing in the state. They have a great reputation for their students passing the boards on the first try, but there is no way I could deal with a school so unorganized.

  14. by   z's playa
    Keep looking for that window! Good luck. What a drag! (((hugs))))