Not sure of what to do.

  1. Hello all Im in a bit of a pickle here.

    As it stands I currently have a 2.98 GPA and I am working on my Prereqs to get into a ASN/BSN program (it all depends on which route I choose to take.) I some how manage to get 2 Cs. One in Biology the other in Psychology (I was at a 79.9999 in my Psychology class .1 away from a B) My plan is to see if my Professor can give me that .1 percent in the fall. But I am scared. When It comes to school Im an over all B student. I am currently taking Algebra 1 math and a Psychology 9 class. I am doing well in Psychology 9 but my math class is killing me. Math is by far my worst subject. I still have to take Algebra 2 and even Stats. It all depends if I want to continue the ASN route or the BSN route.

    My fall semester looks like this Political Science, Sociology 1, Music, and Logic. I am certAIN i CAN get 3-4As ( I say 3 because I am not sure How I am going to do In Logic, Im a logical guy but my essays are B work) At the same time I will be volunteering (hopefully) at a hospital. I will also be work 16-19 hours a week. I will also try to add on Algebra 2 in the fall for I can get it out of the way.
    My dilemma is Im scared of my GPA. I still have Spring Summer and Fall Of next year to finish my prereqs. And Im afraid my GPA wont be high enough to get accepted into a nursing program. My Gf just got an award today for having a 3.5 GPA. I feel really bitter sweet about it. Im happy for her but sad/mad with my self. At best im a B student. And am not sure if those grades well be enough.
    So Ive been building a Plan B. I want to be a Nurse but Im not to critical on what level of Nursing I want to accomplish first. Up until last week I was thinking of going to a private LVN school and just bridging over to a ASN or BSN program. The problem with that plan was, I would be in debt 26,000 dollars. 2 days ago I discovered that Madera Community College offers a LVN program and a LVN to RN bridge Program. There are 4 prereqs in order to get into the Program. Anatomy/ Physiology, Medical Terminology and a Nutrition class. The program cost around 3000 dollars. It is 3 semesters long and the college is located 30 miles from my town.
    The reason for this post is simple. What do I do? Do I go the LVN Route? Or continue the RN route? I will call The Madera College on Monday and see what I need to do to transfer over. My major concern is not having a good GPA to get into a RN program.
    I am 18 years old if that helps any.
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  3. by   firewifeRN
    I think that you can apply to LVN program but dont give up your pre-req classes either. That way if you do not get in LVN first try you can still pursue RN. And I truely believe what is meant to be at this moment will fall right into place.
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    apply yourself to your studies, and about your gpa, remember what your grandmother told you: don't borrow trouble. worry is wasted time without a plan to address its cause. do well, and move on. you can do it if you don't waste a lot of energy on fruitless activity,like...worrying.
  5. by   Scarlettz
    I hope this doesn't seem cold, but let that .1 point go. Can a professor even change that the next semester? DO you want to put a professor in that position? You will learn very fast that in nursing classes they will not budge on your grade. I know many people who failed a semester over .1 points. I suggest you get used to that mindset now - because it will be your reality. You have ample time to pull your GPA up. There is also no shame in retaking a class to better a grade. I don't recommend doing it unless you really need to get a certain grade in a class to get accepted -as you have more time to improve your GPA.

    I took Anatomy at a school and got a D. Most programs require a C or better. I re-took Anatomy and Physiology at a new school and got an A in both classes. Do you take summer classes? I have found that sometimes it is best to take your hardest class alone. This way you devote all your time and mind to your hardest class.

    Practice good time management, study hard, seek help if you know you are having trouble, and find a technique that works for you.

    I am not sure where you are from and what the outlook is for ADN nurses in your area. But, I graduated from an ADN program this May and most places want nurses with BSNs only. I know that I am definitely need to go back - and I have plans to go an RN-to-BSN program this fall. I have a previous degree so my financial aid has run dry. Therefore, I recommend that you also think about finances during your educational planning.

    If you want to be an RN - I would go straight for that route. This is just my personal opinion. If you do the LVN school, then the ADN bridge program, and then go on to a BSN program this will all add up $. I would recommend trying to get into your ADN program and then doing a RN-to-BSN route. Or else, go straight for the BSN.
  6. by   stratus93
    Money is not a problem for me. I get financial aid from the government. In california there is a huge turn over rate for nurses in the prison system.
  7. by   CHESCCRP
    Go for the BSN. You are young and have accumulated little debt. Use your available financial aid to get your BSN.
  8. by   Katie71275
    What exactly does this mean? Meaning that you plan to get hired by the prison system as an RN?
    If so, Look at the reasons why the prison system has such a high turnover rate. I know prison nurses, and it can be a good job if you have the setup you need, but if you don't, you are putting yourself at high risk(Oh btw, all those cutbacks you hear from the government? those are your prison guards being let go, so your prisoners are at higher ratios per guard...and that's your nurse with no guard in the unit..) yes that really does happen.

    Quote from stratus93
    Money is not a problem for me. I get financial aid from the government. In california there is a huge turn over rate for nurses in the prison system.
  9. by   stratus93
    No, I plan to complete a LVN program than apply for positions in the prison system. Ive read several posts about correctional Nursing. And have a clue of what I am getting my self into.
  10. by   Slee11
    What did you end up doing? Update us please. I am thinking of doing the lvn at madera.
  11. by   stratus93
    Hi. I ended up taking some time off of school to focus on what I wanted to do. I am applying to the LVN program over in Merced College. They have a 2 year wait list.
  12. by   Slee11
    That's good. I am taking the lvn pre-req this summer. If all goes well I will be applying for the lvn program at madera center soon. good luck to you.