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  1. Hello all, my name is Will. I am 30 years old, married, and just accepted into a ADN program which is to start in August. I guess I can call myself unique. Yes I am a male, which is not a big surprise, but I am also an amputee. I am an above-the knee amputee. When I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with osteo- sarcoma of the right tibia. I lost my leg in 2000 due to a staph infection from a revision of my allograft. I am much better now in my opinion. I was accepted with no problems in the ADN program. Of course now I am nervous. Being in nursing school is difficult enough, and an amputee also should be challenging. I am already a CNA,and a EMT-B. Both were achieved after being amputated. I guess I am just nervous. I am not going to give up, not now or ever. I know I can be a darn good nurse,and I will be an assesst. There will be patients and other nurses who may feel I should not be a nurse. I have even been questioned by my best friends' mother who is a nurse. Asking me wouldn't I feel better being a computer tech or something?? What kind of compassion is that? I am going into nursing to help others like the great nurses who helped me. I know standing is part of it,but I can do that just fine,and I mobilize very well. There are many people who don't even notice my slight limp. My leg sometimes has a mind of its own at times, but very rarely.I keep in shape,and workout by weightlifting and competing n powerlifting competitions. I bench press well over 395 lbs,and I can deadlift 250lbs all on my prosthesis. So I ask you all my fellow nursing students. What are your opinions on my situation??? The good and bad will be appreciated. I am not looking for approval or a shoulder to cry on. Just wanted to ask what others may be to shy to address. I guess that is my stubborn self coming out. But this does seem like a great site,and I will be posting a heck of alot while I go through nursing school.
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    Hello Will Welcome. I am also staring my ADN program this fall. I think your personal experiences will make you a great nurse. As long as you don't expect any special treatment and do the work just like everyone else, you are going to do just fine. My boyfriend is a nurse and he is wonderful. I work in the same hospital as him and have seen him with patients. He is my biggest role model. I only hope that I can be as great as a nurse as he is when I finish. He is respected just the same and treated no differently than the women he works with. Most patients however refer to him as "the doctor". I wish you all the best in your program and let us know how everything goes.
  5. by   mdwRN
    Welcome to nursing! Nursing is tough, tough work physically and emotionally but it is also rewarding. You are coming into it with life experience and you will be an inspiration to your patients one day I promise you! I did my nursing clinicals at a VA hospital and every pt assigned to me was an amputee. I never knew what to say. I had no experience in life to draw on. Keep focused on your goals and be true to yourself. Best of luck! Enjoy this cool Chicago summer before your semester begins!
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    you'll do fine!
    Have you gotten your book list yet?
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    I think you'll do fine! I worked with a guy who was born without the lower part of his leg...he wore a prosthesis, and most people didn't even know.

    Congratulations on starting school!
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    All I have to say is YOU GO BOY!!!!!!!!!! You will be a great already have the mind-set of a nurse...determined and a go getter. I wish you luck in school and keep up the postive attitude and never let anyone hinder your dreams... We need more people like you to join the proffesion. Keep us posted with your school journey and once again...Best of luck to you
  9. by   rnnurse2be
    You have life experience that others, like myself, don't have. You will be able to emphathize with certain pt's better than anyone.

    A willing spirit, a dedicated heart, and determination is what is needed. If you have them, Im sure you will be a fine nurse.

    From what you write it sounds to me as if you are able to carry a full work load. If you are already a CNA, you know, at least in part, what a nurses responsiblity is. Can you do this job? Only YOU know the answer to that question.

    It you don't BELIEVE in yourself, NO ONE else will.

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    It makes absolutely no difference, in my eyes. The only thing I will remember about your post is this thought, "This guy really sounds like he's going to be a great student and a great nurse." Your dedication is what I see....
  11. by   happystudent
    You can do it!!

    I work in the ED and believe it or not, most of the nurses are guys! I think guy s are easier to get along with when it comes to the "gossip" factor, they dont get involved You will do fine. Just dont expect any special tx... okay?

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of being a nursing are so gonna kick ass! (how is that for an erudite, articulate reply?)

    and WELCOME to the board!

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    You're going to do awesome! Welcome Will!
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    Wow!!!!! What can I say? The people on this site are the best. I thank everyone for the requests to my post. I really needed to read those responses. It will definitely never be forgotten. I was nervous when I first posted as to how people would react. Well I am over that now,and I want to say thank you to all. I will take everyone's advice,and do the best I can in nursing school, and live up to many nurses who have come before. I love you all.