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    It's been fun looking over all these posts from all the different topics but since the light at the end of the tunnel isn't quite here yet I figured this would be the place for me. I graduate in December and am counting the days!! I thought driving a 1/2 hour to clinicals was bad but hen I saw 80 miles--guess somebody wants their degree in a really bad way!! Getting up at 4am is "do"able but it gets old quick! It seems as if when I get the routine down for one clinical it's time to move on to the next one. Hope you all are doing well==keep surfing around this site, just wanted to say hi!:roll
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    Hi right back at ya decembergrad.
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    Welcome decembergrad! Best of luck to you on your upcoming graduation. You are almost there...keep up the good work!
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    hello and welcome.
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    welcome and much continued success!
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    Hi and Welcome to our little home!

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    Welcome Aboard!!!
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    Hello and welcome Decembergrad.
    Your'e gona love it here.
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    Welcome DecemberGrad!!
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    Welcome to our little home away from home. We are here to shower you with our love and understanding.

    Hop in! We are all in this thing together!