New Student! Scared! Please help...

  1. I'm a brand new college student. I'm 24 years old and I havent been to school since I was 15 yrs. old. (tragedy in family, earned my GED.) I'm a single mom of a 4 year old----and quite frankly, I'm very nervous about this--but so excited! Does anyone have any positive advice for me for studying to be an RN?
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  3. by   essarge
    No matter what...keep you eye on the "golden ring".
  4. by   manna
    Originally posted by Melhohnie
    I'm a brand new college student. Does anyone have any positive advice for me for studying to be an RN?
    Good luck!

    The only advice I have is - think positive! Have confidence in yourself, you can do whatever you set your mind to... you just have to want it badly enough! Don't let anyone discourage you from your dreams!

    (I'm not a nursing student yet, but I am a full-time college student who also works full-time and is the mom of two!)
  5. by   agent
    come here often when not studying..

    it helps me to stay focused on the goal.
  6. by   hobbes
    The biggest thing is go have confidence in yourself and find some outlets (like this one) where you can go when things get tough. It won't be easy, but if you're determined you'll make it. Make sure to never get behind in anything (especially your science classes) , because if you do, it's all uphill and very tough. Just try to have a positive outlook and you'll more easily weather the storms when they come. Oh, and another thing, WELCOME!!!
  7. by   LauraLou
    Congratulations on going back to school! It had been a long time for me too, but I was determined to make it.

    My best advice is not to get behind in the science and math courses. They are so much work that if you start slipping, you won't catch up. Also, don't skip class as you get a lot more from the lecture than just reading the book at home.

    The biggest problem I had was the amount of information to be memorized, especially in Anatomy. I highly recommend making flash cards and working on them a little every day.

    My school had a math lab where you could get help from tutors. I used it a lot for algebra and actually did well in the class, even though I was in dumb-dumb math in high school.

    Stay organised, keep up to date on your reading and homework and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You will do great!
  8. by   allthingsbright
    I know a lot of schools offer a class on study skills. That might be a good idea-just to get you up to speed and in the zone. Good luck to you! Just stay on top of your reading and studying and you should do fine! Amy
  9. by   nrs2be
    Hi i also am a mother of 4 and i'm 32, i've been in college now for 2 years trying to get pre-reqs out of the way. I am starting my first year in the nursing program and i'm scared to death also, but just know this, anyone can do it. Just know that your not the only one and you can make it through. When you think you've had enough and can't take anymore, do what i do, look at your kid and know you want more for yourself and him/her. You can do it, keep your chin up, have a good cry sometime and realize that your not superwoman, let your house get dusty, let friends and family help, dont ever turn down help, take what you can, and go with the flow. I am going to give you my email and if you ever have any questions dont hesitate. my name is kimecha and i know how you feel. Good luck to you and you can make it.
  10. by   Jen2
    It was a long time for me also. You will surprise yourself so much. It is amazing what you can do and retain if you apply yourself everyday, every class. Congrats on going back to school. This time around it will be fun.
  11. by   shirleyTX
    Hey, you never know like myself I always had to try hard in school to get good grades- always studying. NOw that I'm older 25- things seem to be easier. I don't have to study as long to retain the info. It might because the older and more expereinced we get, the more things make sense. Just a thought.

    BSN countdown 2more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   Melhohnie
    I appreciate everyones response and helpful advice. I'm a lucky girl with a GREAT fiance of nearly two years---and he has even offered to work two jobs while I go through my clinicals next year. This year I'm going to get my basics out of the way, which will be hard with a full-time job and a family---but, like many of you, one look at my child--lights a fire under my rear---and reminds me why I'm doing this: for her life and our future. My daughter's father shares custody with me--so, I'm truly blessed in alot of ways and know that I will have the strength and desire to accomplish this. Keep the advice coming! I need all I can get!
  13. by   Melhohnie
    PS. Am I going about this process the right way? I mean, jumping right into RN? Or should I have studied toward LVN first?
  14. by   bob007cat
    When things get tough just remember that your not only doing this for yourself but for your child. Pick them up, hold them close to you and remember what its all about. Good luck, keep your eye on the prize and be confident.