New Poster saying HI!

  1. just wanted to say hey everybody. i've been reading these forums for about a month now. i have gotten lots of laughs off the humor discussion and read many interesting posts.

    i am presently enrolled in a five semester adn program and am just getting ready to finish up my first semester. i am a 40-year old, single parent with two children--ages 14 and 7.

    reading everyone's posts has given me much encouragement and at times relief to know that i am not the only one in this rocky boat!! thank you!
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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Welcome aboard and much continued success to you!

    I am Stephany, 41, 3 children, 21, 14, and 12. I am an LPN, an just been accepted to RN school (Spring 2002), a 4 semester program.

    It's a pleasure to me you!
  4. by   giftedRN

    I hope you enjoy it. We are easy to get along with.
    Hi there! I hope you enjoy the boards as much as I do! It's a nice place to go when all of the non-nursing people don't understand you

    I'm fascinated by your name - you must be a King fan?

    Glad to meet ya!

  6. by   jmspeach
    I just wanted to say, good luck to you!! And Welcome.

    I'm also pretty new here. I start my NA course tonight and then will go on in the spring to my pre-reqs for BSN. I'm 26, engaged and have a 4month old.

    I hope to come here a lot to get some help on the tuff situations.

    See ya around!!
  7. by   GPatty
    Welcome! I am Julie, an LPN student.
    Wife of Dennis...
    and ...
    Mother of Amber, Gabriel, Jerry, Loren, Amanda, Jacob, Denise, Amelia and Abigail!

    Lots of love and wishes coming your way!!!
  8. by   janleb
    hi I'm Janice, I am 35(for 5more days and hanging on), and have three boys, 11,9,5. You are definitely not alone here and everyone here is very supportive and reaching for the same goal. This is the best BB on the net by far. Welcome glad to have you aboard this voyage
  9. by   BRONXBABY
    Welcome to the neighborhood!!

    I am starting my pre-req's in January, working toward my RN. I am 38 and have 4 children (2 at home, 2 on their own). Welcome to the club...there are lots of us "non-traditional" students. I have found enormous support from all of the folks on here!

    Good luck in your studying!! If it gets tough, at least you know you can always come here and talk!!

  10. by   Robin61970
    Fresh Meat!!!!!! Just kidding......I am currently doing pre-reqs and our program is 4 semesters for ADN. I am married with 3 boys 9,7,6, and 1 girl 3.......oh yes and I am 31.....yuck,lol. Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!!

    And a comment for goodness!! You are busy aren't you! Between school and children,wow..........You must have the patience of a saint because I have a hard time with my four......I could not even imagine all of yours,lol.......good luck......
  11. by   GPatty
    Ha!Ha! I know I tend to scare people a little when I tell them how many children we have, but there's only 4 left at home.
    The scary part is that my 72y/o Mom is here for a week AND my 4y/o grandson!
    I'm more freaked because of my Mom instead of all the kids!
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  12. by   janleb
    Hi Julielpn, I think we emailed a few times. Don't you have a web site for home schooling? How old are all of you children? how is school going for you. ........I know I am ready for a xmas break.
  13. by   eventsnyc
    Rose, Keep up with all the good work, I wish you great success!

  14. by   GPatty
    Hi Janleb~
    No... I'm sorry. I think you must have me mistaken for someone else. I don't have a home-schooling website. I don't think I could do it! Wish I could though... these schools are getting quite frightening around here!
    My children range in age from 21 down to 7. 6 girls and 3 boys.
    I am soooooo ready for break! Even though I am beginning to think it's more stressful than school having my Mother here!