Nervous about starting school

  1. Okay students...I need your help. I'm so excited to get back into school. More than that - I'm realistically excited to be a nurse. (I realize how hard it's going to be as well....I'm "up" on about most of the hard stuff associated with nursing, etc.)

    A couple of things I'm super nervous about.....Blood. Vomit. Poop. Mucus.

    Were any of you nervous about this? How did you handle the things you didn't think you could or couldn't handle?

    Any tips on how to handle these things?
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  3. by   GPatty
    I had to reply...
    I've worked in health care for about 20 yrs or so, and the only thing that really makes me gag to this day is thick, heavy mucous.
    YUK!!!! But, you'll be fine. Take my word for it. You'll be fine.
    Good Luck in school!
  4. by   Katnip
    After three kids, that doesn't bother me so much anymore, but white uniforms with all the blood, vomit, poop and mucus does bother me a lot. How are we supposed to stay clean looking?
  5. by   Tiggur
    the best thing to do is keep you nose clear of the draft and think happy thoughts naw ..its not as bad as you think and some how everyone one finds their own way to deal and the job gets done ,,,,,and you will to and i think everyone has those same thoughts .....
  6. by   Robin61970
    I am not yet a student nurse...doing prereqs, but I do have kids. I try to look at it this would I feel if I could not control my bodily functions? I would be very embarassed and will do my best to make those people feel better about it even if I am having trouble cleaning it or them up.......
  7. by   janmae1950
    I've also wondered if I can stomach the yicky stuff. I thought of carrying a little jar of Vicks vaporub in my pocket and if things get too stinky, putting a dab under my nose! My sister went to nursing school right after high school and she said that you just get used to it after a while. I remember when we were kids and Mom would make us clean up after the dog if she threw up, we'd both be gagging for the longest time. So if she could handle it, then I guess I can too.
  8. by   rosemadder
    i thought it would be the vomit and poop, but that didn't bother me in my first semester of clinicals. but i had a patient in a coma that had a thick, yellow mucous coming from the mouth that really got to me and still makes me gag when i think about it. any ideas anybody on how to get over this reflex?
  9. by   old-master
    Working in a Detox center, I see all. That prepared me for all the body's fluid.
    However, being threw-up on that runs into your shoes, is a lovely experience
    All in the name of caring!
    old-master has spoken......
  10. by   highasthesky
    I have been wanting to ask the very same question, but I was afraid of being ridiculed! I've been wondering the very same thing. I have 3 children, so I'm used to cleaning up after them, but am still nervous of the thought of cleaning up after adults. But as Robin said above, how would I feel if someone had to clean up after me? It can't be pleasant for them either! We just have to remember, whatever it is, it washes off!
  11. by   Dublin37
    I am more worried about all the SMELLS, ICK. I think I can handle the goo etc. but the smells, aren't we automatically gonna hurl? I love the idea about the vicks. What about sucking on a cough drop or mint? Would that help? I am still doing my pre-req's too. Heather
  12. by   Hooligan
    I just posted a similar question in the general discussion board. My main concern is the gore...mangled limbs, 3rd degree burns, etc...

  13. by   mommyrn
    Hi bonde0613. I had to reply to this one. I am in my second year of nursing school and I have to laugh because when you first start out, they teach you handwashing, bed baths, etc. We were all so grossed out by the thought of washing other people's private parts, etc. Let me tell you -- that's nothing compared to what you see when you really get into the med surg area. It's something you gradually get desensitized to. Now, giving a bedbath is as simple as washing your hands for me. It's not even an issue. The first time I had to change a colostomy bag I honestly thought I would vomit -- but I got through it. Certain things will always bother you more than others -- but you will learn to compensate by breathing through your mouth to avoid smelling and all of that. Another thing that grossed me out was seeing an older man being suctioned because he had thick mucous in his respiratory tract. That was horrific the first time I saw it -- but the second time, it was better. This is not to scare you, but you let you know that you wouldn't be human if certain things didn't get to you. You will learn to handle them just takes exposure to it several times. Good luck to you!
  14. by   RNIAM
    I know I don't have years of experience but I can tell you that sometimes it is just as nasty as you think it is. I have learned to think of it like this. This person is so ill, how would I want to be cared for if it were me or someone I loved? It certainly puts it inot perpective for me. I do have to admit that the sound and look fo someone vomitting makes me want to hurl right along with I do however get through it. To tell the truth on some occasions body fluids can be almost amusing. I won't explain that last comment ,everyone will find out on their own. The best thing that has helped me is. The your a angel comment, or thank you for helping me. I do hear that and it makes me feel that what I do is worth it. Thsoe that haven't had any hospital experince may want to voluteer a couple of hours. Sorry this wound up being a book. Being a PCT and caring for patients has given me a world of information.