Need opinions on project participation + grade

  1. In Psych right now and one requirement was a presentation. It had 5 parts- 4 written and then the actual oral presentation to the clients.

    Students were told to split up the work evenly...or else seperate grades would be given. We were told to let our instructors know if this was the case.

    My partner and I decided to do nutrition/exercise effects on mood. As soon as we chose this my partner announced to me that she "doesnt do" written projects well and could I type the written parts. I told her sure as long as I had input from her- I told her to type her part ( she did exercise) and then I would proof-read it.

    Part 1 was a clientele assessment. I did this part w/ no help from her.

    Part 2 was an outline. My partner got ill and missed clinical so I did this part as well w/ no input.

    Part 3 was the oral/visual presentation. I was to do nutrition and she was to do exercise. My instructor at this point could see something was not kosher...and she basically came to me and said you have done all the work so far- how involved is your nutrition part and can you have her do some of the work. I was to make 6 posters for my part- so my instructor said have her do some of them. I had to give her one of mine to do and then I asked her to bring the additional supplies we would need ( blank poster board for recording answers, markers, tape, certificates to hand out). I drew her exactly what I needed the poster to have....I literally was not happy with giving her this to do...but my instructor insisted my partner make a her part had no posters.

    Presentation day she shows up 1/2 hour late and the poster...well her kid scribbled on it. *sigh*.

    However she DID help me out with the oral part as my portion was a lot longer than hers. So, I was happy with that.

    We get to her portion and it was 5 minutes long. 5 minutes. It was supposed to be 20. We had rationed 40 mins me/20 mins her. I had to jump back in and open up a Q+A so it wouldn't be apparent that the presentation just ended wayyy early.

    OK so anyhow- my instuctor didn't seem to notice that there were toddler scribbles on the poster and she was pleased w/ the way she jumped in and helped answer questions on my portion. She told me " wow she really stepped it up!"

    NOW part 4 +5 are due tomorrow. It's an entire write up about everything said/shown/ done and an evaluation of teaching efficiency, blah blah.

    Again I said I would type it ( correct APA) as long as she got me her portion. She just emailed it to me. I really don't want to be mean...but it's NOT good. There is no data to support anything she wrote ( we HAVE to have data and I know there is none...I was there!) doesn't follow the guidelines and overall it's a mess. It was obviously written in a hurry because there is no flow and it's all jumbled. She sent me her "references" with no page ##'s, etc.

    Since we have to hand it in as a "together" thing I have to basically re-do her entire portion. I tried to email/call her but no answer. NO idea what to do about those references because I dont own the books she used.

    How exactly would you approach the instructor about this. She seemed please that my partner had "stepped it up"....well she just " way stepped it down". I have never had to basically tell on another student...but hey this is my grade too!

    In order for the paper portion to get a good grade- I had to re-write all 4 pages ( her portion) in order for it to follow the guidelines, etc.

    She said that she WOULD give seperate grades if we believed the work was not proportionate. Well....that is the truth lol

    Should I show my instructor what I was given vs. what I turned in as proof or what?

    Do I make sense? lol
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Gee whiz. I would lay it squarely in her lap - email her with a "read receipt" and let her know what she submitted was not acceptable and let her know the options include:

    1. Redoing her part separately and turn it in herself (my best idea).
    2. Re-submitting the information to you in two hours in correct APA format.
    3. Explaining her deficits to the instructor herself.

    These darn group projects are a pain sometimes. I wouldn't buy the "I don't do written parts well" at all. How did she make it this far?

    Have no mercy or you will be up all night and that is not necessary.
  4. by   firstyearstudent
    I would just do the work and forget about it -- and never work with this student again. I might even mention it to her later, in private. ("I just wanted to let you know that I felt like you really dropped the ball on our presentation and I was left doing most of the work. I'm not happy about it.")

    As far as telling the instructor, I wouldn't unless she really grades you poorly. (In my experience, instructors tend to grade generously on these types of projects.)
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    You've done good documentation here for what's happened so far.

    In order for the paper portion to get a good grade- I had to re-write all 4 pages ( her portion) in order for it to follow the guidelines, etc.

    She said that she WOULD give seperate grades if we believed the work was not proportionate. Well....that is the truth lol
    You should not have to redo her part just because she didn't follow the rules. I'd talk to the instructor in private, explain the situation, and ask for separate grades.
  6. by   ldh
    Group work arrrrggghhh!!! I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

    I am in a group right now and we are supposed to do a presentation as well. Like you (OP), I am conscientious, hard working and very detail-oriented. So far, the other young blondes in my group have blown off every suggestion I have made to them, have met in secret without telling me, then are surprised when I all of a sudden have constructive criticism and have the audacity to tell me that I haven't participated ***!!! I've never been in such a dysfunctional group.

    They are only interested in doing the very bare minimum so that they can go home to mommy and daddy, have a nice meal and then go out and party. Literally, that's all they were talking about the last time we met. You can tell it's the end of the semester and I'm stressed and peeved to the max. The finished product looks like it was constructed by a five-year old and I have offered to spend extra time to get it professionally done and have been blown off. I've even contacted them and told them my concerns and they don't give a crap. Oh, well, I guess the lesson here for me is to just let it go and try not to take it too seriously.

    Fortunately it's not worth too much of our final grade or I'd be much more aggressive in insisting it be done properly. I'm tellin' ya, IT'S HARD TO SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE WHEN YOU'RE SURROUNDED BY DUMB BLONDE TURKEYS! (no offense to anyone out there who may be blonde and not a turkey)
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  7. by   WDWpixieRN offense taken....

    I do agree that group project's are horrendous while you're in school...and I understand that geeez, you have to work in group situations in the real world, but I'll tell you what -- my paycheck kept coming when I had problems with a team member AND I was able to keep my boss apprised of the project status and my concerns, so when the s--- hit the fan, he knew it was coming and couldn't place all the blame in my lap...he should've kept better tabs on his "boy"....and thank goodness, my project manager was there to get right back in my boss's face and tell him the same...<sigh>...seriously, group projects in school are NOT the same thing...

    Good luck to all...
  8. by   tofutti
    I agree group projects bite, but I figure my goal is simply to come out with a good project and an A, and if I have to do most of it, so be it. I don't mind carrying others along if my goal is met.

    I've found that no one wants to be in charge, and they are happy to have one person (moi) come forward and say look, here's how we could divide the project up, you do this, you do that, etc. Usually one of us is a powerpoint whiz, someone else is good at editing, someone might be good at finding internet images to use.

    There's no way around it, someone will always carry 80% of it themself. Usually it's the someone who wants a good grade the most!

  9. by   GratefulHeart
    *You should not have to redo her part just because she didn't follow the rules. I'd talk to the instructor in private, explain the situation, and ask for separate grades.*

    This is what I would do as well, and I'd find a way to let her know I didn't appreciate being dumped on.

    [Sheesh I hate group projects!]
  10. by   BeccaznRN
    I agree with everyone - group projects are a nightmare. I've had the same bad experiences as everyone else out there, and I would definitely speak up and tell your instructor you would like separate grades. No way should you let her get an awesome grade that, in all fairness, YOU earned.

    Just recently, during one of our many group projects assigned for our final semester, another group in my class completely kicked out a student because she could never make meetings, never e-mailed, always had issues at home, etc. Then, two weeks before the due date when they had almost everything finished, she e-mailed everyone and said "let me know what you need me to do, since it seems like you guys have everything covered." HUH? I guess you have to give her credit for trying!
  11. by   JaxiaKiley
    I would leave her a message and an email that said she should redo them and turn them in on her own. I'd talk to the teacher when I handed in my paper and explain the situation. If you wait to see if you like your grade, your prof might not believe you.

    I hate group projects.