Need help w/ nursing dx

  1. My patient has aplastic anemia and is waiting for results froma bone marrow biopsy, any ideas on what nursing dx I can use. My care plan needs three, I would love a little advice to help get me started. I can do all the goals and interventions. Im just curious on the most important three to use. All help would be so appreciated. Have a great day.
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  3. by   Talino
    In order for my fellow nurses not to crucify me for spoonfeeding you w/ the answer, let me guide you how it's done instead.

    First, identify the symptoms of the disease.
    After you enumerate each one of them, identify which symptom requires the immediate attention.
    Now correlate this symptom with an applicable Nursing Diagnoses.

    Symptom: Fatigue
    Nsg. Dx: Activity Intolerance, Self-Care Deficit


    Problem#1: Activity Intolerance (or Self-Care Deficit) related To Fatigue
    Goal/s: The patient will... (you know this part already)
    1. Anticipate the patient's need and provide the necessary assistance to perform an ADL (washing, grooming, etc.)
    2. And so on and so forth....

    Go ahead... you can do it!
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    great response, Talino!
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    Smart cookie.
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    AHHHHHHHH good flame avoidance LOL.


    :roll LOL renerian, 'am not ready to change my name yet.
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    What makes nursing diagnoses easy for me is to look up the signs and symptoms of the particular disease or disorder and then based on those follow a complete list of diagnoses and see which ones would work.

    Here is a website to get you started: