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hi, I was recently failed in a clinical course for a bogus reason. I was offered an appeal by the dean, and don't know if I should go back if I win the appeal. This school has a very poor... Read More

  1. by   supermom27
    This semester we had a girl voluntarily quit because she was being abused like that by an instructor. I feel for you. She went into the Director of Nursing, asked for something to be done and nothing was done. Then the abuse continued and as she put it: "I can't live with myself if I allow someone to degrade me...." She is a very soft spoken girl who causes no trouble. Long story short, she quit because of this instructor and the entire HORRIBLE atmosphere at this school and about 1 month later this same instructor was making fun of a student in front of the entire class (with a group of 'MEAN GIRLS' we have in there), obviously nothing was done to this instructor for her treatment of this student. This school has a 'God Complex' that permeates the environment and if they don't like you they will get rid of you. So, I totally believe your story. The horrible thing is that these 'professors' (and I use the term loosely) still have jobs and have the ability to ruin people's lives. Sad and corrupt. I still say fight!
  2. by   rags
    Did your pt destat while the O2 was off? Were you able to give rational to your instructor such as, "with the O2 my pt's oxy saturation was X amount and on RA her oxy saturation was X amount".

    If your pt maintained her saturations >90% there was no harm. How were the orders (MD's orders ~ they trump the RN's notes) written? i.e. Continuous O2 ... O2 to maintain an saturation >90 or > 95% ...Begin weining pt off O2 ... etc?
  3. by   rags
    I truly believe if our Nursing Schools were revamped and monitored better we would no longer have a nursing shortage. I also believe there are people graduating from Nursing school that shouldn't be nursing, but they shouldn't have been let in, in the first place. Not with the long lines waiting behind them.. but who is to make that call and noone can know ahead of time who will make a good nurse and who won't. That's sad but true.

    I decided during nursing school that when I am ready to retire from nursing I am going to teach it. The reason being I was fortunate enough to see the different styles of good vs poor nurse educators and the result of the nurses they are producing with their teaching methods. I can make a difference in educating and preparing competent, compassionate nurses and that makes me just as excited as nursing it's self. Our instructor liked to say, "Why should I scare the hell out of you for everything. If I keep it for the important stuff it will make more of an impact (referring to med errors)". and she was right.

    We got lucky with our school. I didn't realize there were some out there with so low of a graduating average. Doesn't the local boards find that to be a problem? I know where I live the passing average as well as the passing % on the NCLEX is monitored continually and the school has to be accountable if the numbers aren't high enough. There was still plenty of crappie "unfair" things that went on but it kept the schools integrity in check more than some it seems.

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  4. by   locolorenzo22
    Rags, I hear ya. Sometimes it's appalling, hearing some of what we hear and seeing some students(favorites) who have no business being anywhere NEAR patients getting let off easy by instructors, and others getting singled out for unfair treatment.

    I have a lot of nursing left to do...but I plan to be a nurse educator somewhere by the time I'm 40. 15 years from now, I'll hopefully have seen a wide range of nursing options, have my masters and be able to prove to the world that a man is just as capable an instructor as another....I enjoy teaching my fellow classmates, and everyone comments on how easily they get the material when we study together...and the studying helps it's works out good.
  5. by   manofcare
    I wonder how a school with a 25% pass rate stays in business? I go to an ADN school and the NCLEX pass rate is in excess of 95%, yet we only lost four students from the day program first semester. (30 students)
  6. by   amyk_ncsu
    Maybe she means 25% just pass the degree part of the program and only those 25% get to even sit for the NCLEX?