Need Advice About Nursing School

  1. Hey I am starting an ADN program in the fall i have only got a few pre-reqs out of the way so most of my pre-reqs/co-reqs will be taking at the same time as my Nursing classe. I just graduated from high school and will not be working while in school. do you think i can handle co-reqs with nursing. I am almost positive i am going to do it. Just wanted some advice on if it is going to be really difficult or doable?

    Would appreciate any advice you can give. If anyone has taking co-reqs with nursing would love to hear their stories

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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    I am starting in the fall also taking some co-req's with nursing classes. My advisor didn't even blink about setting me up this way, so I'm not really that worried. It's more important that I get it done quickly. I think there may have been another thread on something similar to this. You may want to look around for it.
  4. by   PCGrad06
    i have been in college for a year now. i took all the pre-reqs/co-reqs except one plus a mah099 class. i am taking it this summer. most of my classes i did online. it helped alot. if you could do them online it would nice. you can do eng or py etc. at 2am saturday morning if you wish. this way your week is nursing classes and weekends other classes. i will be taking my first nursing classes this fall too. from what i have read on this site and others, you better set aside time for nursing classes on the weekends also. your new life will be books,books & more books! good luck
  5. by   fourblessings
    I took all my pre reqs first, Psychology 1 and 11, Ethics, English 1 and 11, Speech, A & P 1 & 11, Chemistry (twice :imbar ), & Microbiology...alllll online, which was great!

    I asked in the beginning the nursing director of the college if it was wise to take the pre reqs with the clinicals, and she told me the number 1 reason students drop or don't make it is because of the science classes they take w/ the clinicals....she advised me to at least get the science classes out of the way first (or do them in the summer).

    But I'm sure there is others that did them at the same time and turned out fine, too.

    good luck!
  6. by   RedSox33RN
    I think it should be very do-able, especially if you are able to concentrate on your studies. Although most people entering nursing programs now have done some pre-req's, it is by no means all of them that have. The reason given to me that many people have done a number of non-nursing classes is because the majority entering nursing schools nowadays (especially in CC's) are non-traditional students, who have families and jobs and need to get as many courses out of the way before they take their nursing classes. I fall into that category also.

    Since you are right out of high school, you should be able to do it. There will be a lot of studying, but colleges wouldn't have a two-year program or four-year program if students could not complete it in that time frame.
  7. by   wannabebabyRN
    Thanks for the advice all. I am taking eng 111 and psy online right now. So in the fall i will have nursing and anat and phys (but my boyfriend's mom had the professor when she was in respiratory therapy and said he is a great teacher so it should be fine) In the spring is the heavy load 18 credit hours ( a general elective , eng 112, nursing, and anat and phys 2 (hopefully with same teacher) ). Will probably take eng112 and general elective online so it should be ok. I am so glad may 2006 here i come. I think if i put my mind to it anything is possible i know i can do it in 2 years if i put my mind to it and i want to be a nurse more than anything in this world. Thanks yall for the vote of confidence.

    CNM2BE-we need to stick together we may need to help eachother out in the way and congrats on starting in the fall.

    I am so excited class of 2004 here i come. :hatparty: Can't wait to become a nurse and eventually a NNP!
  8. by   Energizer Bunny
    I took my A and P I, Psych. and Math three years ago. I am refreshing on my own this summer (A and P) so that I am not completely lost when the fall comes. I am going to have a heck of a time with three kids, but there are so many reasons I have to get it done of them being that I have to have full time credit hours to keep the grants I am getting. OIY! I'm getting stressed just thinking about it again. After the first six weeks, I'll be able to relax a little because two of my classes will end.
  9. by   jlzoe

    I did all my pre-reqs before the nursing program (except a math class, oops) Our profs recommend students take their pre-reqs before. ESP Healthcare Term. If you can, take Healthcare Terminology BEFORE Patho... it will really help!

    Another reason I took all my pre-reqs before is that I was working full time, got married, got preg, had a baby all in the last 2 years. I would not have had any time to do the NUR program with pre-reqs too. Also, who has time to take 14 credit hours in one semester?! :uhoh21: I think it would be alot easier if you did the pre-reqs before, but some people may not have the time (regarding admission and such) to do so. If you are not working, and do not have children (face it, kids take up alot of time ) you should do fine!

    good luck!